Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

How do we remember and remanence the people we were close to? Well, I believe depending on the person who is doing the reminiscing it can vary. Of course each person is different and will either feel a feeling of overwhelming grief, sadness, or emptiness. But that becomes a choice once that void is healed. Once that is healed one can choose to take the time and think back to the memories and transform the feeling of sadness that suddenly and impulsively arose into grace, peace, and joy. This requires a concentration though, one must concentrate in the moment and feel this feeling start to arise and then consciously choose to transform it to its higher vibration of Harmony. This is relative to each individual and depending on their will-power and consciousness, will determine their adaptability to integrate this into themselves. Now normally when we take the time to stop and think about the feelings, thoughts, situations, and happenings we shared with this passed person we tend to stick only to the positive side of things. While there is nothing wrong or right about this I believe we can learn and draw valuable lessons from the shadow or “negative” side of the person who passed. For example, as I sit here and write this I think of my father and the love he showed indirectly and the knowledge he left behind without him even being aware. Just by him being himself I can now look back upon and think.. wow.. experiences that I had with him he was unconsciously showing me peace and interactive-meditation. At the time though I was not able to see it for what is was due to my fragmented lens of perception and seeing things in a separated ego-centric manner. On the other side I look at the shadow side of him and ask myself what can I learn from this. I think back to the pain and suffering he held deep within himself to which he would at times project this onto me and others. And instead of forming a low vibration of resentment and hate towards him for this behavior, I choose to understand and reminisce the lesson and teaching it leaves behind. I choose to not let what most people would call “bad” or “wrong” actions of him, deter me away from the information it leaves behind in my psyche and understand it instead of judging it. For I know He and I are not the only ones who experience these low vibrations and painful experiences. I know that my individual experience is felt and experienced by other individuals in this collective society we all share together.

This confusion, pain, and suffering we all feel is real. It is as real as the joy, bliss, and peace that we all progress and strive towards. But I know that the pain, suffering, and confusion is only a product of the separation-ignorance that comes from our egoistic selfs. For Divine Love will triumph ill-will every time. The shadow ceases to exist once the luminous light is cast upon it.

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