What does sincerity mean to you? How does being sincere in ones life lead to true expression of one’s individual self and how does this in effect positively influence those around you? To me, being sincere is a way of life. Sincerity is not something that can be learned intellectually but rather a being in which one begins to progress towards. Sincerity is similar to honesty, truth, and authenticity. For all of these modes of existence are at the core of our inner-self. But through the ignorance into which we are born, as we grow older and as we form false mental formations of ourselves we temporarily separate from this true state of existence. If one were to ask you.. Are you True? Are you authentic? Most of us would answer the question with a yes. But how many persons of society that would answer with a yes actually embody that response day in day out? How many people are there who are sincere with not only themselves, but to other-selfs and nature-self? For it is one thing to trick our mind and fill up our superficial-egos with a half authentic answer of a yes without even putting in the effort every day and existing with True-Sincerity. To be clear just because one lives a life of sincerity does not mean they are better than the other. Living a life of sincerity is a choice one makes with their free-will. Living a life of Truth is a choice that requires a great deal of concentration amongst one’s being every second of the day. For this is quite difficult due to the human-nature of impulse, egoistic desires, and automatic habitual action. When one begins to ask themselves.. Am I sincere? Another question would be required to ponder on, do I TRUST? Do I trust myself? Do I trust other-selfs? Do I trust Nature-self? To live with sincerity is to live in Trust and to Trust is to live in sincerity. In the current time we are all experiencing at this moment Trust is the second most difficult thing to master besides Love. There are many reasons for this but just to name a few one could say that false media and entertainment deters our being from trust. Through unconscious psychological operations we are often led to believe half-truths that make us fear the unknown. Fearing the unknown is a common place trait in the majority of society today. But I ask you.. How can one fear something that one does not know? If we go deeper it is not fear that has entered our being but a half-truth limited idea-formation. What often leads to mistrust is trauma, wound-memories, and suffering experienced throughout our childhoods. Depending on the level of consciousness one embodies it is quite difficult to come to terms with what Trust really symbolizes. Trust is something that one must work on and it is something that requires a consciousness of perseverance and unconditional-acceptance of self, other-self, and nature-self.

Existing with sincerity has many positive effects when one is out in the material-world intermingling with other-selfs. There is a silent vibration one unconsciously picks up when a sincere person is around. People tend to gravitate towards the sincere self and often will respect them without even trying to respect them. It comes very naturally and when one is in contact with a sincere person they subconsciously trust them even if they are strangers to each other. When one is sincere within themselves their vibration spreads to other-selfs and in effect they momentarily become sincere as well. In most cases, despite the obvious other end of the spectrum, embodying this truth of sincerity in one’s self leads to many positive happenings. True sincerity within all and all within help the Universe remember its essence of Harmony.

Harmonious Relating

Harmonious Relating

In current-life there is is a general division in ninety-nine point nine percent of things. This necessary division is known by some but also not known by many as well. Knowing of this division helps one realize that there are things that can be contradicting but in a higher truth that one contradicting thing can become complementary. The division necessary for human life and experience also brings about an automatic opposite law in everything and everyone. When one concentrates their observance they will find that opposition and polarization is inevitable in the world. Higher, and lower. Benevolent and malevolent. These words I have just written is a very simple reason as to why people have a hard time understanding self in relation to other-self. These words I have written are the reason why most people do not know how to peacefully “Agree to disagree”. Many people rather resort to arguments and confrontations than to share their conflicting idea-forms peacefully. One can have the intellect of this inevitable division of the world but still be ignorance in their being due to their inauthenticity and/or impulsive nature. To sincerely exist and experience life embodying this temporary law of division is a powerful skill that leads to one having many harmonious first impressions. I believe that the simple first impressions and peaceful interactions that one experiences in life are what have a big effect unto the world. For there are many instances that one comes into their life where they get to choose to be consciously knowledgeable or impulsively-ignorant. These are small “battles”, and the more one is sincerely conscious and aware during these times brings a ten fold of positivity forces to the world. While yes, accomplishing big goals such as opening up hospitals or partaking in other major philanthropist efforts and giving can bring positive effects. One does not realize that the very same philanthropist can be unconscious and ignorant and step on many others back and exist with malevolent behavior. For the many small battles to one are not known and not sincerely and consciously approached. This earlier stated opposition and polarization is where the modern day human with their modern day sense-minds implement good and bad, right and wrong in everything and everyone. This is a doing of the human sense-mind, this is a being of the modern day divided unconscious ignorance in humans. As I said this division is necessary for life experience and life-play. This division is necessary for the lessons and time-space happenings occurring in this very present-moment. But in essence, duality is nowhere to be found and where it is to be found there is no right or wrong or good and bad. In the the current timeline of the Earth, falsehood and deception have caused man to create these lower-truth labels. While yes we do know the difference of what it feels like to exist in Bliss, but that is our natural inner-being momentarily in contact with the Truth. The confusion comes in to play when we notice the effects of lower emotion and mental forces. For the Higher-Truths of life lie in unity and indivisibility. The Higher-Truths of life are Delightful and whole, the world is a one-manifestation inevitably becoming to its Peaceful Absoluteness. Supreme-Integrity.

Inner & Outer Knowledge

Inner & Outer Knowledge

A commonality of the self experiencing life is that we are constantly being pulled outwardly to discover the self, other-selfs, and nature. While at the same time the very same consciousness is being pulled inward waiting for the veil to lift and for the door to be willingly discovered and walked through. Our sense-mind is real and also very useful here in a 21st century world where materiality is highly responsible for evolution and progressive idea-forms and scientific discoveries. Due to the basis of the reality of our senses we tend to look at our selfs as a civilization that is farther advanced and highly intellectual compared to any other civilization that has come before us. This is the effect of the half-truth education that is thought in all American schools. While the modern day education system in America is not completely useless, there are partial-truths mixed in with Truths. This ultimately confuses the self and draws ill idea-forms that are based on false preconceptions, superficial studies only, and separative cognitive conditioning. The sense-mind has to willingly unlearn or at least broaden their consciousness to other possible idea-forms in order for reality to be less confusing. Just as we willingly consumed and allowed the misinformation in we must use the same will-power to alter and adapt new idea-forms and truth that align more to the essence of self, other-selfs, and Nature Earth. The ego-self does not like the thoughts nor feelings that are experienced when one begins to allow their consciousness to broaden. For it challenges it and makes it feel uncomfortable due to the unknown steps it unconsciously foresees has to be taken. When one has spent their whole life creating this outer ego and superficial self it can be painful to discover higher truths that naturally shift the ego-self to a mode of transcendence and self-discovery. It is commonly misunderstood that everyone and everything is limited in expressions. We form half-truth rules, morals, and ethics that divide us from the unlimited and endless potentialities that exist in the deeper forms of everything and everyone. The normal modern day societal collective perception also often leaves the individual to feel and think with a conscious that labels the self, other-selfs, and Earth Nature. We say, “This is that” and “That is this.” While this may be true it is also true that “This and that” are not separate nor limited to being only “That and This”. The modern day collective cognition does not fully understand Trust due to half truths taught not only to society through childhood conditioning but also because of the constant consumption of everyday media. This is far from any ‘Conspiracy’ for one only uses this label when their beliefs and preconceptions are being challenged to realize higher truths. These people who throw around the conspiracist label are unconsciously lacking willed self-evolution. Their consciousness is very small and it is not worth the time or effort to try and alter their perspective for they have all the right to be limited and bias if that’s what they choose to do. This is their truth and if they do not want to progress and concentrate their consciousness to a more wholistic integral knowing than one must let them peacefully be. But problems start the be formed when the self interacts with other-selfs who possess a limited consciousness. Other-selfs who do not embrace a wider span of consciousness often argue with the self who knows that everything in life does not have to be learned through the senses and that learning of history and the people there of are necessary for societies advancement. While yes one can learn many things from studying past other-selfs and events, the modern day self often forgets to trust in their self and the constantly evolving mind they possess. The world is a becoming and when one is constantly studying the past happenings they are unknowingly disregarding the current existing consciousness. If one were to take a moment and trust in thyself and trust in the universe they would soon come to realize that in this present moment a large majority of answers lie within and just beneath our superficial self. But one who cares about what society thinks of them and unconsciously follows the rules and preconceived ideas that are accepted they do not allow their selfs to Trust these ever-present inner knowings.

To The Other Side

To The Other Side

Many people speak,write, and draw about “going to the other side.” Just what does it mean though to go to the other side?

Perhaps going to the other side can be defined as passing away or more commonly known as death. But when one says “death” this to me entails much information about the person indirectly. When I speak to others I refrain from using the word death or dead. The word death to me is most understood and synonymous with ‘end.’ If one were to say.. “I charged my phone but now it is dead.” I believe the word is symbolized correctly here because at one point in Time we perceived the phone turn on, or ‘start’, so to say it ‘ended’ or it is now ‘dead’ is logical.

But then, when we began to speak of living creatures such as humans and animals the word then becomes quite misguiding. For how can something that we’ve never witness from our sense-mind “end” if it never begun? If I were to say, “My father is dead.” It would be like saying my fathers life “ended.” While yes, his physical surface life might of ended but his consciousness did not ‘end.’ The consciousness is eternal, something that which never begun so therefore shall never have an end. To the mind this sounds contradicting, but from a higher integral knowledge one knows eternity has no beginning and end and is just “Is”. To simply “Be” is eternal.

One day I was at Barnes and Noble and I was browsing around picking up books and reading short fragments of them. I found one lying on the table that was under the subject of astronomy and it just so happened to be written by the very well known Stephen Hawking. I believe the book was titled something the along the lines of The Universe Creation or something like that, I don’t quite remember. But what I do clearly remember is the content of the last few pages that I read. In conclusion and in his last words he wrote the universe seems to have no end and seems to have exist and will exist for eternity. We must understand science and scientists are still at its very early stages of understanding life. For life is eternal, limitless, and unlimited and science is just one limited way to understanding thy self, the world, and consciousness.

Now if we take the saying “To go to the other side”, most people associate this with a humans (or animals) life leaving this world. But what if perhaps we are ALREADY on this ‘Other’ side? There’s this quote I resonate strongly with and it goes like .. “One does not go to the other side; one always has been on the side of death. But for the battler of Truth, the game becomes clear.” What is being said here basically is that when we come out our mother’s womb we begin to experience a long dragged out mode of physical “death” in Time-Space in our physical body. While many people believe we are living right now, in actuality we are “dying” slowly and living simultaneously. From this perspective one can now reason that when the body no longer can support and be a vessel for our consciousness we are “born” again or transitioned. The word “death” or “end” is no longer represented logically and is mislabeling the event that so many people in this World are afraid of.

We have “always been on the side of death”. Our higher truth is that we are an immortal and eternal being and when we come to Earth our True All-Knowledge of this self is distorted and placed in the ignorance, which is necessary for the activities of life-experience and life-action in Space-Time. This Material World is subjective yet objective. The self and the understanding of the self is also both subjective and objective. For in a world that has innumerable possibilities and is eternal, our consciousness is always longing for an ascension and realization. This is why thousands of religions exist today. This ascension of consciousness is often misunderstood with going to the other side. While yes there are higher worlds, our innate natural feeling to ascend our consciousness is our being longing to grow out of the ignorance we have been placed in and becomes one with the Absolute All-Knowing Knowledge.

“But for the battler of Truth, the game becomes clear.” If we look at the World we will see Joy, Delight, Peace, Harmony. But also one knows the world is filled with anger, hate, jealousy, pain and suffering. And for those of us who are aware and conscious of the self, other-selfs, and the Material-World and all its happenings, we embody our true benevolent Divine being and are constantly fighting and going against the Falsehood of the world. We are constantly transforming feeling and emotions of pain and suffering into higher states of Divine Being. We stand for the All Loving Absolute Truth and push against falsehood every second of our lives. This is the True Meditator, the one who experiences this beautiful world and maneuvers through it and embraces the Divine when interacting with other-selfs. This is how we change the world. The idea of renunciation and attaining Nirvana is outdated, the game (the word game here may come off to some like I am speaking of this world as an illusion, but I am not for this existence is very real, game simply means experiencing and making choices that inevitably effect self, other-selfs, and material nature) must be played with our physical body that is anchored and conscious here on Earth in Space-Time.

Traumatic Art

Traumatic Art

There are times in our life when we get to a moment of wanting to embrace our pain and suffering. Would it than be possible to embrace our pain and suffering through creativity. Instead of traditional exercises and psychological activities what if an approach of “dark creativity” is used to express our wounds and traumas thus leading more to an emotional expression rather than a solution solely based with the mind as the tool. Instead of thought being the paint brush (mind) our emotion or our heart would be the paint brush instead, melting into the craft and becoming one with it to the point where one becomes in a flow type of state. Ex: while playing guitar sing, speak, or strum how you feel. While painting, drawing, and any other form of creative art expression do so with the emotion of our pain and suffering behind it. Thus allowing the emotions to come up to the surface to be felt while at the same time slowly releasing it through and with every paint stroke and every strum.

(Buy empty canvases, and allow oneself to feel and be non-judge mental to the wounds that our brought up and feel these emotions while at the same time creating a piece of art/song out of it.)

This is not negative or pessimistic. I would say it is rather the opposite, which is a healthy expression of ones emotions and feelings, pain and suffering let go through means of beautiful creations instead of detrimental forms such as projected hate-speech, and/or physical or verbal abuse to self or others. No need to scream in the middle of an empty forest, instead one is able to let go through expressions and creations of ‘dark art’.

Our traumas, wounds, and shadow characteristics are filled with pain and suffering. When the piece of dark-art is created we transfer these energies that were once inside of us to the created object. We have let go and let loose. Now depending on each person and circumstance we might be able to fully let go or partially let go of the pain and suffering that was once unacknowledged and held within. Either way we have made a positive progression and release by means of artistic creation. There are many forms and expressions of art that we can let our wounds be channeled and released through. Painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, singing, and any other form of art one enjoys. Create and express with the emotion of our specific pain and suffering being felt.

(Postscript: This was a spontaneous journaling I did around 5AM when I woke up. I wrote this intuitively and as I think about it now, perhaps this why so many people are artistic in their nature and wanting to make careers out of being a painter, sculptor, singer etc. There are a lot of us who have normal 9-5 jobs and don’t make the time for artistic expression and creation but I believe this is a natural therapeutic remedy to invoke feelings of peace while at the same time feeling and releasing our suppressed wounds. I am certainly not the first to have this realization or come to this alternate solution. With a quick google search I found others who have written about this and give a more in depth way to get started, so if this has resonated with you perhaps you can look further into this or just outright trust yourself and know there isn’t much to learn on how to get started. If you think about it enough the answers are pretty straightforward and what feels right for you can only be discovered by you!If anyone has any pieces of ‘dark-art’ they would like to share I’d like to see.)

Experiencing Death

(Pre-script: I wrote and tweeted this the another night on twitter as a thread and have taken the tweets and copied and pasted them here, This is why the format/spellings/construction appear to be as they are. I decided to share with you all here and I am open to any discussions and/or comments of yall’s experiences)

My father left this material Earth-plane from a sudden heart attack at age 47 a little over a year ago. He was rushed to the hospital where they tried to resuscitate him, it failed and he was pronounced “dead” after two hours or something like that.

By the time he was pronounced “dead” there were about 10 people or so awaiting for the news. The doctor let us go into the room to say our goodbyes to his pale motionless body.

Everyone who entered the room was in shock and crying in despair. (Try to understand, I don’t say this out of superiority..) When I entered the room I could instantly feel the low vibrations of pain and grief swarming me.

Instead of allowing these emotions to enter and take power over me I remained calm and peaceful and proceeded to go over to his side and give him a kiss upon his forehead.

The whole time I was waiting in the waiting room and also while being in the room after he was pronounced “dead” I had not shed one tear. This was not due to lack of empathy but more so a feeling of inner-knowing, which I can’t put into words, that everything was okay.

I did not spend much of my time near his body for I knew his consciousness was no longer entangled with it. Not only could I sense it but also if you look at a corpse that you have seen “alive” your whole life you notice a drastic difference.

Although I was not close to his unconscious body I stayed in and around the room. Everyone’s vibrations in and around the room we’re low except mine. I still embodied a sense of calm and peace within naturally.

When someone is pronounced “dead” they’re physical body is unconscious yes, but their consciousness is still in this realm but just on a different plane. Which brings me to my next point, which is most people who are about to “pass away” say, ‘be strong, it will be okay, don’t cry’

There must be a reason for this? Perhaps once one leaves their physical body their consciousness is still in this realm and if there are a bunch of people around the body in a low vibrational grieving state..

It makes the transition of the consciousness more difficult due to the low vibrations emitting from the grieving people in the area. It’s proven our emotions and thoughts emit forces/frequencies.

So intuitively I remained calm that way his consciousness wouldn’t be engulfed by only low frequencies of pain and suffering. By allowing my being not to succumb to these lower states of consciousness, my fathers spirit-consciousness had a more comfortable place to observe..

My aura was possibly the space where his spirit-consciousness was attracted to that day. And it possibly made his transition more comfortable.

Of course I was not able to keep away the forces of pain, grief, and suffering and later cried all night in bed thinking about all of the moments and conversations we were not able to share in this life-moment.

But what I felt that day was an unexpected calmness and peace. For I knew from within that everything was okay. And to anyone going through any form of grief, just know that no matter what at the end of the day our ‘passed’ loved ones are always with us.

On this physical-plane and to our physical minds it may not seem so but our spirit-consciousness knows otherwise. True-Life is eternal, True-life is harmonious.

The Futile Dramatic

The Futile Dramatic

Hello everyone. Today I would like to share a perception on drama. I feel that drama is a subject that is commonly spoken about among peer groups in our society. Very much so that to the point it is normal and if one wants to get rid of conversing with people who speak down upon others they will most likely find that damn near everyone around them partakes in this type of communication. This is embedded in our society to the point we don’t even realize it is going on because we have become so numb to it. Ask yourself, out of eeeeeeverything to talk about why is it that people love to talk down upon others and things?

Just to be clear if I were to explain what the word drama expresses I would say that drama is in form of communication between one and another that is precisely focused on bringing up the ‘bad’ in the other person, place, event, or thing. I’m not saying that all people who speak ‘bad’ or negative are partaking in drama-driven communication, for such conversations can be had without the ‘draining’ effect. Now this is hard to put in words because one has to be experiencing the drama-driven conversation to know what I am trying to express with these words I type now. It is the tone, the vibrations, the attitude that one holds within them and also sends out at the same time that signifies that conversation is drama-driven. The reason why this cannot be put into words so easily is because it is more felt by our being rather than absorbed by the analytical mind. Most people will understand what I mean by this though because we have all been in these type of conversations. It is often the energy and force one puts behind their words that makes the conversation feel draining. One sign that you can tell if the conversation is drama-driven is the person speaking will often embody an alternate low-state of being as they are speaking about the the past person, place, or thing. For instance if one is speaking about an event and person that caused them to become frustrated they will now be frustrated right at the table with you as they tell you the story. Depending on the person who is listening to the story they might not even pick up on this because they are focused on the words and cannont feel the deeper reality behind said words. It is as if their body is ‘numb’ to such feelings. But just because one may not be able to feel or notice the unspoken vibrations behind the words that does not mean they are not effected by it. They still very much so are.

Drama is self-degrading. Without even realizing it when one is holding the drama-driven conversation they think they are only speaking bad upon the other but in reality they are unconsciously portraying their self. While there are many reasons as to why people like to have drama-driven conversations, I would say that one of the main reasons why so many people have this type of conversation is because it makes the person who is speaking ‘badly’ upon the other feel a false and illusive feeling of superiority. This is in the subconscious and if it were to be put into words it would state something along the lines of ‘hey, look at how bad this person/thing is…I am not that, I do not do this, but look they are doing it!’ This goes on without being said and is in the subconscious. And of course the person who dwells in drama will not admit our at least even bring their attention to this. It is similar and to some aspect related to the unhealthy habit of always comparing yourself to others. For one who often has drama-driven conversations has problems with negative Comparison as well. This is a whole ‘nother topic on its own. And for now I will not go into the deeper understandings of Comparison.

Do not get me wrong, I am in no way exempt and a saint of drama-driven conversations. I have had my fair share of it just like everyone else has. It wasn’t until I drew my attention and concentration to what it was that I was doing and looking at it from a different and deeper perspective. As I said in the beginning, when one does this sincerely they will start to notice just how widely socially-acceptable this behavior is. And from there they will see alllll the people around them that unconsciously partake in this low state of behavior. If one wants to truly remove drama from their life they must draw their attention to it when it starts to come up. They must draw themselves away from people who partake in this behavior or at least bring to their attention the more true reality of what they are spending their energy on. Some might say I am being over exaggerative or that it is not that serious. But it must be so, and not because I say so but take a step back and look at the reality of it. We will find that it is often our closest friends and family that ‘speak’ of drama. And this drama-driven behavior is often the cause to many family problems and suffering. Whether what is being said is true or not drama is in no way helpful to anyone or anything. It can even at times cause physical, emotional, and mental violence… And people wonder why so and so ‘hate’ them. Or they wonder why their friends and family don’t seem to get along. Little things like drama-driven conversation can go a long way and effect our reality in ways we thought were not even possible. Quitting the act of drama-driven conversation starts with our selves and takes time to develop. But the more and more one sincerely approaches and becomes aware of this behavior they will start to get rid of it all together. This is not as easy as it sounds though for if you change yourself and want to start participating in less drama-driven conversations you will find that the people around you who do not admit to this faulty will give you backlash. Which in effect might cause a loss of some relationships you have with others, depending on the plane of consciousness the other possesses and how receptive they are. This is why many don’t think its “That Serious”. One cannot say what will happen with your current relationships because it is simply unknown and the possibilities are endless. But one thing you can be certain of is that you yourself will start to notice the change within, and this change within will lighten you..will bring more of a peaceful sense to you and yours.

Sincerely Observing Oneself

Sincerely Observing Oneself

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about who you were, who you are, and who will you be? This can be a scary and deep question to some because once you start thinking about oneself like this it can almost be certain that your mind and your emotions will be led usually down a dark alley with all the negative experiences, thoughts, and emotions one has dealt with or may come to deal with. But the plane of consciousness each individual is at also plays a part in how they react when faced with these unknown questions. If one does not sincerely observe themselves they would say I am pessimistic and should be more positive. These are the by-passers that have the partial truth and falsehood idea of ‘think positive be positive’, ‘think rich grow rich’, ‘all is one, love and light.’ This is one extreme end of the pendulum; the other extreme end would be ‘I am useless’ ‘There is nothing good about me’ ‘I am a failure’. Either way you look at yourself you will find that in both of these responses one is expressing a half truth and being insincere. “I am the greatest person alive.” “I am the stupidest person alive”. Each statement obviously comes from two different people but with different planes of consciousness and both idea-forms will have its effects and consequences. A sincerer approach to these questions would be for one to reconcile and bring their attention to both sides of the pendulum, and working to establish an equilibrium between the two opposite ends. Overall though, one must realize that no matter which approach is taken it is in its own way objective and relatively true. One must not say, “It is this!” “It is that!” For all in itself is absolutely necessary, otherwise there would be no multiplicity of individualistic expression in this infinite existence.



Hello everybody. Today I am expressing and continuing the topic of loneliness. Loneliness is such a wide experience to discuss and many ideas and sub-topics can be branched off from it. I have been noticing and experiencing this myself lately and I am sure that many of you have as well. As I fluidly write this article my intention is not for others to sympathize or to receive condolences. For these are just superficial and ‘normal’ responses one receives from others and ultimately barely even scratches the surface of the ‘problem.’ Instead, I intend to write to better understand these thoughts and emotions that have manifested in effect due to loneliness. (and not only for my understanding but for others to understand the same feeling they are experiencing themselves) Also as we bring our attention and concentration to this experience of loneliness we are temporarily feeling, we can in effect through our free-will choose to form idea-forms that are more aligned with benevolence and onward progression.

Understanding and bringing our attention to loneliness. One of the toughest part of experiencing loneliness has to probably be the person trying to understand this feeling. Some of the key points we must understand is that loneliness and the cause of it is not a ‘one size fits all’. The severity and happenings are innumerable and one must not compare their circumstances to the other for this will only result in more confusion. It is important to realize the feeling of loneliness one feels is the same as others, but the reaction and natural impulse one puts out is determined by their level of consciousness. For instance, I have felt and experienced loneliness many times throughout my life. While some experiences may root from the same cause, there are also other happenings that we have never gone through that result in this feeling of loneliness. It is often more than not the uncontrollable rather than the controllable that makes us feel this way; more on this later. Another point to understand is that the level of consciousness one possesses at the time of the experience is very detrimental to the effect it has on them. Through our own choice we ourselves have the power to either consciously or unconsciously react to this happening. We can consciously or unconsciously choose to bring our attention and concentration to the problem or not. If we consciously choose to bring our attention and concentration to this feeling we in result work towards self-progression and realization instead of ignoring and bottling up the experience and emotion. As I said, depending on the consciousness of the person, choosing to consciously face the feeling and experience is just the beginning. In effect, idea-forms are than created by the individual (some idea-forms are actually not created from the individual, and instead reside and come from the collective idea-forms of society. This is not yet realized or one should say mainstream in modern psychology or by the modern psychologist. For the reader or psychologist to understand how this is even possible requires a ton of explanation and experience. Most importantly direct experience is required for the being, the self-limiting mind along with its finite dialogue more often than not results in denial when this topic is addressed. This will not always be, as we evolve and move forward through time both individually and collectively more people will broaden their perceptions) and more often than not when someone is choosing for the first time to consciously understand this temporal mode of existence they will create self-defeating ideas rather than forward progressive thoughts. Some may choose to blame themselves while another may choose to blame others. Both reactions are of no real help, instead one must tell themselves “It is my responsibility to focus my awareness and try to understand this experience I am temporarily going through.” (that alone requires a strong will and a sincere aspiring attitude for progression) This brings us back to what I am still further explaining on what attitude one chooses to respond with. Just like the causes that led to this experience of loneliness, there are no set or certain happenings that can determine the attitude one will react with. Our attitudes are simply indeterminable and infinite. Our attitudes are mostly drawn and a result from our past traumas, wounds, triggers, shadows, and misleading childhood thought-forms. Once again, these traumas and wounds and etc. vary from person to person and in their nature, are subjective and unlimited. (DO NOT allow yourself to take the words of someone who states, “I had it worse” or “That is not a ‘good’ reason to be lonely” seriously)

Attitude. The person going through and consciously choosing to go through loneliness for the first time will more often than not react and possess a negative attitude compared to the person who has consciously chosen many of times to bring their concentration to the feeling. If I were to imagine or try and understand one of the causes of this, I would say that the current “Positive Mindset Only, Think Happy Be Happy, Positive Vibes Only” you know the basic idea that one should think positive only and everything will eventually be okay idea? Yeaaa, that. This idea-form is very misleading and mis-informative. (one can say it is so widely spread that it has transformed into a false and deceiving characteristic some people use to label their self as) Even though this idea-form is so widely spread and agreed upon through many books, authors, teachers, and solutions that does not necessarily make it ‘right’ or ‘true’. Do not get me wrong, if I were faced with the choice to choose positivity or negativity I would choose optimism. But the laws of nature and the universe is not objective to either or. Even the idea of calling oneself a ‘realist’ is misleading due to the simple fact of setting limits on the limitless. It is conformity which makes one believe and spread this half-truth idea-form. This new-age positivity coping mechanism is also used as a bypass which results in no actual real and lasting integral progression. It may temporarily solve the issue but in reality, one will eventually come back to the same level of consciousness. Once someone has had “enough” they will realize how misleading and unconscious society is. For the people who are reading and want more of a sincere and aspiring progression that is more aligned with our true-self a raise in consciousness is required. One must heighten and broaden their consciousness to understand the experience. This requires a conscious will that approaches the problem from all imaginable sides. To form an idea based on multiplicity and equilibrium rather than choosing to look at the problem as society does which is in a fragmentative matter. Positivity is only one solution out of many, choosing to address and perceive the problem from different angles is much more fruitful. This leads to the attitude of going into what society address as negativity, our shadows, traumas, wounds, past conditionings and habits. All of which that make us who we are (or at least who we THINK we are). But in effect one comes to find that if you consciously choose to attain this attitude it can ‘open up a whole ‘nother can of worms’. Choosing to respond with an attitude that is more aligned with reality and our true-self requires oneself to enter an unknown and uncomfortable reality. This is tough on some people because as they are already experiencing one undesirable emotion they now start to feel many others.  (and again… in effect people will instead choose to choose comfort over progression and disregard the true solution to their ‘problem’) What I noticed through experience was that there are numerous other problems and feelings that may arise when you try to understand one feeling. This is very uncomfortable and in no way ‘fun’. I understand why so many people in society are interested in superficial things such as consumerism, sports, social media, TV, (many people say they do not watch TV while unaware that it is 2021 and the TV is now in your hand and backpocket) anything in our physical world that distracts our mental and emotional self from being with its self. People are concerned with everything going on outside of them rather than taking that focus and concentrating on what is happening inside of them. At the current moment this is ‘normal’ though, but with the current events that have been taking place more people are raising their consciousness.

Currently, I myself am experiencing this feeling of loneliness again. I have noticed this feeling trying to ‘take me’. Although the experience is not new to me, I can say due to the decisions that I have consciously made I have put myself in this situation. I am realizing that some experiences in life are part of the indeterminable while some are a part of the determinable. (Uncontrollable and controllable) This experience is a little different than the others in my past because I choose to be with no one but myself and I continue to choose to stay to myself. (This is very similar to my past-self) I do not consciously make these decisions out of ignorance and think to myself that I am better than everyone, nor do I go to the extreme at the other end of the spectrum which would be me thinking “I am not like the others no one understands me”. This may sound contradicting to some but to the ones who can relate will understand what I mean for words will not allow the mind to truly grasp what I am stating. I simply am in a temporary moment of my life again where I do not have a person to connect with on this physical plane. I am conscious of this and I am okay with this, for I know this is only temporary and the time will come naturally when it is right and I will have people around me who I can relate and connect with on a more true-level. As I was saying earlier, even though I feel lonely I have a will and a consciousness power that if I use correctly I can have it work with me rather than against me. I am able to choose how I am going to feel and perceive the circumstances I am currently going through. I started out nothing like this though, I use to fall.. and when I would fall I would kick my own self while I was down hard.. very hard.  This is important for those of you who are reading and are currently feeling more ‘down’ than ‘up’. While many people would agree and easily say “Things will get better”, this is true but only a partial or half-truth. Things do get better but due to the cyclical nature of the world and the universal laws, ‘things’ will come back to being what one perceives as ‘bad’. (this is not a logical reason to not want to put in the work to understand oneself and how thyself can effectively make their lives more fruitful) I will express this again.. I am not being negative or pessimistic. I write with sincerity and truthfulness to the readers because I care about people making real change. I can easily say and conform to what society has as its standards but I choose not to. Take a second to look at the world from natures point of view, the seasons change, the breeze comes and goes, the leaves fall, the sun rises and sets, our nature is cyclical and we are no different than that just because we have a brain and walk in a way that appears to be separate from the ground. As they say.. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel, but what they forget to mention is that this light does temporarily tend to, ‘flicker and go out at times’, but that does not change the fact that the light is always there. Another way I like to think of us as is that we are walking through this forest called life, eventually the sun will set and we will have no other option but to walk through the forest at night, this is scary, this is uncomfortable, but this is also only temporary because as time goes on dusk will turn to dawn and the sun will rise once again and on we go in this cyclical manner never forgetting that the Sun is and always will be there.

Aloneness and Loneliness

Aloneness and Loneliness

According to a study done by experts at Harvard University, more than 5.34 million people are experiencing loneliness RIGHT NOW. (Now some will read that and take it what it is for and run off and repeat it without question. Others, will question the statement and think well how can they be so sure about that) Congrats to the second group of people who have learned not to be so gullible when it comes to reading news or ‘statistics’ lol because I totally just made that number and study up. I don’t have to be an expert NOR do I have to attend “Harvard University” to not only infer but intuitively know that loneliness is one mode of suffering that many people experience. So many things can be said about loneliness and it can easily branch off into other subtopics, but for today I would like to share my perception on loneliness and aloneness.

Loneliness and aloneness are known as synonyms, and if you look up the definitions they will most likely state the same thing. For this moment though I’d like you all to try and think of them as opposites to each other. Or even a better word to describe them, Aloneness is Complementary to loneliness. Loneliness. Most of us can first handedly describe and share what it is like to be lonely. For loneliness is experienced by tons of people and this direct experience itself makes us truthfully KNOW what loneliness is without thinking about it intellectually and using our mind-instrument to describe it. I refer to loneliness here as its more known meaning which is a temporary mode of suffering and pain, a negative emotion, and what most people consider an undesirable experience. Loneliness can be perceived in many different ways and can vary in severity depending on the consciousness of the person experiencing it; there is no one size fits all. In times like now especially more than usual, people are experiencing loneliness, even though detrimental external events are bound to cause loneliness to people we still come to the fact that loneliness has been around far before the present and recent past happenings. Why is something that is not only widely known by the mind but experienced directly by millions and millions of people hardly ever spoken about? Why do people in group conversations like to make boring superficial talk about their accolades and ‘plans’ at restaurant dinner tables? Why is our society based off how much we have rather than how much we give? One can even assume and question the fact that most “Friends” (Convos between you and one other) do not touch upon important topics such as loneliness when they talk to each other. Loneliness can invoke feelings of vulnerability, (which many people have a false perception of this feeling) can make one feel insecure, (everyone/the majority possess to some degree or less a level of insecurity) and can have one feeling like he/she is in an unknown space and very uncomfortable empty abys. Loneliness can have one thinking such detrimental thoughts such as “why am I such a ‘loser’’, “there is something ‘wrong’ with me”, “I am not ‘normal’ why can’t I be like the others.” Feelings and though-forms such as those said unconsciously smother the person who consciously perceive and notice this feeling of loneliness. For the people who do not feel or think in this type of way are for the most part not facing their feelings and thoughts for what they are and instead find external stimuli to avert their concentration and attention to. This is a whole ‘nother topic in itself and is very harmful to the well-being of a person. Said persons and the large-sum of people who react in this way will most likely keep responding in this unconscious/unhealthy way their whole lives. Now for the others that not only feel this loneliness but courageously (at the moment one has no idea they are reacting in a more courageous way) draw their concentration to it, problems inevitably start to rise due to the unconscious/ignorant idea-forms one has of this reality we call the universe and of themselves. This world is built and ran off of falsehood, so for one to judge and conform yourself to society and your immediate peers is not necessarily ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, but perhaps not aligned with your potential true-self.

Loneliness can be felt by one who is either in their room by themselves or in a crowded market area. Both scenarios have the same core feeling of being separated from others and themselves. I have felt different planes of loneliness throughout my life. Some are easier to describe and put into words while other levels of loneliness are too draining to even put into an idea or written statement for one to comprehend what it must be like. (Many will understand what I mean by this if the experience is known) I use to have this overwhelmingly feeling of loneliness all while pretending everything was okay. I would feel so separated internally that I naturally started to exist externally in the same way. From moments of locking myself up in my bedroom and not leaving the house all summer to locking myself in the restroom stall in school during lunch break. From other moments of walking down the halls with nowhere else to go and no one else to see but my next scheduled class and teacher, to walking with my family and still feeling this emotion of separateness. I always over-thought that… did anyone else? I always over-thought and questioned my showing up early or being the first to enter class in high school. I would think to myself useless things such as ‘you don’t want to be seen always going into class early and or being the first one, people will think you are lame’. I observed that, and some people can relate to this and can take notice that mostly all the kids in between passing time for class are mingling with other friends and don’t usually go straight to class. For the majority of high school, I never had friends to speak to on my way to class or spend extra time to go and see before the bell rang. Despite that, I would make it seem like I did and would sometimes just walk around aimlessly to kill time so I could be like the others. I would think too deeply about my circumstance, and obviously this over-thinking was in no way benefiting me. I have briefly described here some instances and happenings in my life relating to loneliness strictly to give the reader who may be experiencing or has experienced loneliness something to relate to. Perhaps the truth is that many people experience loneliness, it’s just very few express this to others who aren’t ‘close’ to them. And if I were asked why is that so I would have to reply with I do not know… for to even began thinking about or writing about that statement is a whole ‘nother article in itself. There are many causes, experiences, events and catalyst that can be said about why people do not openly express true feelings, thoughts, and desires.

Now, as I said earlier… I believe loneliness is only a temporary mode of existence. (It is in a way an illusion, I use the word illusion here in meaning of not belonging to the supreme reality and truth of our nature, but with that being said this illusion is still very real) And I can now say as well, loneliness is a great teacher. I understand it is difficult for one who is directly experiencing this feeling to even consider that but in due time one may come to this realization if they consciously choose to, in due time. The same way one got themselves in this state of loneliness whether that be unconsciously or consciously, one must use their will to get themselves out. Once again, this free-will can be strong or weak, conscious or unconscious, concentrated or ignorant. There are innumerable ways to get out this mode we call loneliness. Some ways may be more or less beneficial to the being while other ways may temporarily solve the issue but in the long-term still existing in a dark corner of one’s being. If one is to consciously solve their feeling of isolation and separateness than one must begin by willfully thinking and concentrating on the reality of things and our existence. Things such as in the ‘beginning’ we came into this world alone and in the ‘end’ we have no other choice but to ‘leave’ alone. Observe nature, even nature seems to us to be connected more than we are. The trees are still… rooted, grounded, and connected to the earth while we walk along this world not confined to anyone or anything, seemingly and illusively separate from our nature. But this is not so, our sense-vision is deceiving to us and if we fail to understand the higher reality of our self and nature we will only continue to endure suffering and pain in moments where one can choose not to. Everything and everyone seems separate from us but in reality, we are all interconnected. The animal gives and receives to the plant while the plant receives and gives to the animal. There is a natural give and receive relationship in this existence. What seems like loneliness is a misconceived and false perception of the truth-existence of our aloneness. Now I speak of aloneness here in a way of truth, positivity, delight, and calmness. If one wants to solve their problem of loneliness at its roots than one must go into this aloneness. This seems contradicting but it is far from that, by going into our aloneness and realizing the inner self and doing the inner work that must be done one consequently comes out of this draining mode of loneliness. Now of course this is not the only way to realize and get oneself out of this feeling. Reason and thought can also be used to heal oneself. In this way, the mind is more involved and relied upon. One uses reason to develop idea-forms to present to themselves and in effect change their perception of their current reality. While this can solve the problem of loneliness temporarily it still only scratches the surface. For the mind is an instrument used for our will. The mind is incapable of understanding the infinite and unlimited existence in everything and everyone. The mind is for memory and not where true-knowledge exists. I consciously choose to realize the other perception of loneliness which I refer to here as aloneness. Do not get me wrong though, it took me years and constant battles with my mind ego to realize a more aligned perception of my aloneness. Before I tried using my mind, ego, and other external stimuli to solve my issue. But I don’t know.. during those moments I just felt like something was still missing. There was still something inside of me that was lingering behind. When I started to choose a different perception of loneliness and not only think of it but feel it in a more beneficial way, I noticed other parts of my being were being effected as well. Aloneness is a beautiful thing really; in time of despair aloneness is mistaken for a falsehood of negativity. In reality aloneness is necessary for one who consciously chooses to fix their issues at their roots. Take for example, the couple who always spends time together. They hardly ever are seen apart and in need of always having each other by their sides. While this can temporarily not be an issue, in the long-term it begins to have an effect. Without one even noticing or realizing it they become tired and bored of what seems to be the same presence of their significant other. They start to think they ‘know’ each other, they start to take each other for granted, they don’t pick up on the lovely little things that are changing without and within each other. They have unconsciously sacrificed aloneness and the teachings it comes with to avoid feelings of loneliness in their relationship. Whether one consciously chooses to be alone or one unconsciously chooses to be lonely, what can be said about both is that they are extremely valuable teachers and many lessons can be learned through these experiences.

Loneliness and aloneness are one of the greatest teachers of life. Mostly everyone, if not everyone, will go through this experience. We have a choice to consciously or unconsciously take this lesson and attain as much knowledge out of it as we can. No matter what the determinate or cause of this feeling is, what matters is that the feeling is there and equal to all. Loneliness does not pick and choose based off of external characteristics like race, gender, age, or marital status. Loneliness is a part of this world and in order for us to accommodate to it we must establish in our true-being an equilibrium within. We must understand that loneliness and aloneness are two different poles on the same pendulum. The pendulum may go from one extreme to the other throughout our lives, even at spontaneous moments this pendulum will naturally be balanced and in the middle of the two. But with a strong, persevering, and conscious will we can choose to ultimately have our balance with this pendulum and in effect feel and experience less pain and suffering. The choice is ours, we must plant the seed now if we wish to reap the fruit later.