Battling The Darkness Within

One who is not conscious is inconscious, or in the darkness. This is society’s false outer state of being. This is the ego. And in our current time of existence the majority of society puts a taboo on the darkness and oversimplifies life to fit into this box of strict all-positive existence. To convert this darkness one must adapt their attitude and concentrate to bring the conscious light/truth to their existence. Therefore understanding and comprehending the self, other-selfs, and nature-self is an educating of the being. This is where the will to educate oneself is important in ones life. Learning higher truths apart from the lower and partial truths play a significant role in our life more than people realize. One unconsciously chooses to educate themselves through the inevitable life-experience that is manifesting all of life omnipotently, this is the majority. As for the minority one may also choose to educate themselves not only through life-experience but also through inner-experience, through an aspiration of a higher knowledge. Here one develops a relationship with their selfs by curing their wounds, traumas, and hidden scars. One faces the darkness, one faces the suffering head on and acknowledges and accepts it for what it is. This can only be done through sincere action and ones true ability to put their ultimate freedom of choice in movement for the work of all-work. One cannot simply ‘be told’ to do so. One may suggest but it is up to the being to authentically and sincerely take part in the True-work. If one does not want to take the path of a yogi, the work of working on oneself to cure their wounds can be done for its own sake as well.

But this conscious true-work is not necessary for everybody. One knows intuitively whether or not it is naturally needed for thyself. If one begins the true-work out of a false calling and later decides it is not for them, there is no judgement nor belittling of that choice to do so. The yogi and the persons of the majority are equal in their being yet in their individual eternal consciousness they vary from higher and lower Light. Nonetheless, in the higher view both of life and of yoga, all life is either consciously or subconsciously a yoga. Everything and everyone is interactively becoming.

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