Motivation & Will-Power

Motivation and will-power are two topics that contain numerous subtopics within its explanation. And from my perception I would say that both will-power and motivation can come from external stimuli and internal experiences and realizations. Motivation is not a simple black and white subject to understand. If one were to go to YouTube and search “How to become motivated”, there will be (for a majority of the videos at least) a multitude of short-length videos giving mentalized steps that one must know and understand to become motivated. I am not saying that this is wrong but it is only addressing one part of our Selfs and not the many other parts that are intermixing and fluctuating together to make up our true entire being. One having this knowledge of motivation within the mind (this is our mental being) can certainly bring a temporary burst and feeling of motivation. But, as I said earlier, motivation is not only a complex quality to understand and know but to also live, act, and be with that knowledge uninterruptedly throughout one’s life is quite difficult. I believe if this were not so than it would be easy-peezy for the majority of society to Become and get things done and sow the seeds now so it may reap its fruits later. A key fact to understand about motivation is that one cannot live and act in this quality if they do not understand and have the knowledge of will-power. Will-power is the core and basis of motivation. If one lacks or only puts forth a small portion of their will-power then there may be a high chance and correlation of that person feeling unmotivated. When a person thinks of and is trying to become motivated they will end up coming to the realization that it is the intelligent-will-power that brings the quality of motivation in its most secure way. The intelligent-will (buddhi) of the human and its ability to discern this from that is what makes us superior to our lower nature of our animal-Self. If I were to try and explain this along with the multiple parts of our being, as I had mentioned earlier, this short-essay would transform into a novel. For the time being one may read what I have expressed here and reflect upon it, and if it has given you more insight on the seemingly ever-confusing topic of motivation than may one acknowledge their step upwards and onwards within their life-path.

Opening Up To Thyself

Opening Up To Thyself

[Prescript: I wrote this around sometime late 2021 I believe..? Due to the ‘freestyle’ or ‘flow’ mode, per say, there are no paragraphs. Currently I feel a nudge more than in the past to put my thoughts into digital form. Day by day my self-expression will unfold and I will come here when I feel the spontaneous will arise from within and will transfer these conscious thoughts sporadically.]

How many times have I opened up to myself? What does it even mean to open up to thyself. Perhaps it is a static action in which I self-reflect on my entire being. The thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs, ideas, desires, needs, wants, purpose, faith, circumstances, events, and countless other external and internal movements and forces that I am subject to within this existence. I cannot even begin to bring up a possible number of how many times I have been in a state of conscious self-reflection. I have had this self-awareness from as far back as elementary school. From being called “hard-headed” for wanting to know why I should act/think/feel in a certain way. For I was not questioning out of non-compliance but out of curiosity and reasoning. Perhaps my parent’s responses of “because I said so” or “don’t ask why just listen to me” were both ignorant yet valid in its own way. I believe they misunderstood my questioning as a sign of disobedience and looked at it in a rather negative and fragmented way. Instead of the opposite end of the pendulum which is my intrinsic nature of wander for truth and knowledge. I understand the necessity in their actions and while it is not entirely a deconstructive way of communication, it can become so if it is overused. For as a parent there are certain boundaries and limits one must place upon their child. And what may be right in one circumstance may not be so in the next circumstance. At the base and essence of relationships they are quite subjective and relative to each individual. As time went on I adapted to this idea that I should not question my parents and “do as I’m told” without questioning. For the most part I did obey, but there were times where I would backtalk and would get set in my place real quick. As I aged into the beginning of my teens I started to question my parents less and started to question myself more. Not only myself but at the time I would question myself within this confusing existence. I would ponder about the world, its meaning, its inception, its creator, its purpose, its origin, its ending. This would couple with the questions and a search for knowledge of myself and things that just didn’t make sense to me. I believe my experiences and happenings in my child hood also contributed to this need for attaining knowledge and trying to make sense of the falsehood-life that had a hold of me. My mind for most of my entire life had always been my worst enemy. If it wasn’t another person putting me down and myself allowing them to than it was I who would do it as well. Simply put, It is quite deconstructive and retrogressive to not believe in yourself. In other articles/journals I shall go more in depth with my struggles and wounds both within and without and how I reacted to them. For the reactions and attitude that is taken upon the self and the mind determines our reality and its possibilities within it greatly.

Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

How do we remember and remanence the people we were close to? Well, I believe depending on the person who is doing the reminiscing it can vary. Of course each person is different and will either feel a feeling of overwhelming grief, sadness, or emptiness. But that becomes a choice once that void is healed. Once that is healed one can choose to take the time and think back to the memories and transform the feeling of sadness that suddenly and impulsively arose into grace, peace, and joy. This requires a concentration though, one must concentrate in the moment and feel this feeling start to arise and then consciously choose to transform it to its higher vibration of Harmony. This is relative to each individual and depending on their will-power and consciousness, will determine their adaptability to integrate this into themselves. Now normally when we take the time to stop and think about the feelings, thoughts, situations, and happenings we shared with this passed person we tend to stick only to the positive side of things. While there is nothing wrong or right about this I believe we can learn and draw valuable lessons from the shadow or “negative” side of the person who passed. For example, as I sit here and write this I think of my father and the love he showed indirectly and the knowledge he left behind without him even being aware. Just by him being himself I can now look back upon and think.. wow.. experiences that I had with him he was unconsciously showing me peace and interactive-meditation. At the time though I was not able to see it for what is was due to my fragmented lens of perception and seeing things in a separated ego-centric manner. On the other side I look at the shadow side of him and ask myself what can I learn from this. I think back to the pain and suffering he held deep within himself to which he would at times project this onto me and others. And instead of forming a low vibration of resentment and hate towards him for this behavior, I choose to understand and reminisce the lesson and teaching it leaves behind. I choose to not let what most people would call “bad” or “wrong” actions of him, deter me away from the information it leaves behind in my psyche and understand it instead of judging it. For I know He and I are not the only ones who experience these low vibrations and painful experiences. I know that my individual experience is felt and experienced by other individuals in this collective society we all share together.

This confusion, pain, and suffering we all feel is real. It is as real as the joy, bliss, and peace that we all progress and strive towards. But I know that the pain, suffering, and confusion is only a product of the separation-ignorance that comes from our egoistic selfs. For Divine Love will triumph ill-will every time. The shadow ceases to exist once the luminous light is cast upon it.

Modern Day Kings and Queens

Modern Day Kings and Queens

Why should one care who the modern day Kings and Queens are? I believe this is important question for the youth, young adults, and adults to understand. One should be conscious and not in the ignorance because modern day Kings and Queens are an easy yet unrecognizable way for manipulation, coercion, and confusion to enter our lives. A majority of modern society today is being heavily influenced unconsciously by the persons who seem to have our best interests at hearts, but in reality the information they push into our conscious is often mis-information that keeps us away from our true higher individualized selfs.

If one were to study parts of our history dating back to the times of Kings and Queens, one would realize there was a point in times where Kings and Queens ruled over the whole society. It was the king or queen who had the say so and it was the king or queen who formed idea-forms, rules, and regulations that a majority of society not only had to follow but blindly followed out of fear and in order to not be executed. Obviously the idea of kings and queens in a modern society here in the West is not active anymore partly due to the idea that one persons say is the be all and end all for everyone else. On the surface level of the mind this seems illogical and outright “unfair”. Returning back to our current state in time we have a democracy where we the people hold the ultimate power. Well.. at least that is what we all have been told since we were too young to remember.

The conscious of society has risen and past kings and queens have been eradicated due to us realizing we all have individual rights. Now this is simple and straight forward to understand. But what is way more confusing and complicated for the mind to understand is that kings and queens in fact still do exist but they are not labeled with the word king/queen. I want to make this very clear that this is not a conspiracy theory nor an act of the new age Truther movements you see today. I am just stating briefly what most people are not able to understand due to how deep of an understanding one must come to. This can go off to many different sub-topics and I could give plenty of higher truths and higher knowledge that would triumph the lower-truths and falsehood that is intermingled in with the truths that the majority of society is conscious of. As time goes on I will write with precision about these topics thus making it its own topic that is explained thoroughly enough for it to have its own post. But for now I shall keep this writing rather short and continue on with who these modern day kings and queens are and why its important to be aware of this if one chooses to do so.

So who are the modern day kings and queens? To simply answer, anyone who has has fame and power. For example, most highly influential celebrities, humanitarians, actors, sports players, signed contract labeled artists such as rappers and other musicians. Perhaps there are some ‘good’ “kings and queens” and just because someone is famous or is highly influential does not mean they are a modern day king or queen. But there are many “kings and queens” that are only in a place of recognition due to them giving up their ability to share their all-expressive true beliefs. Now one might be thinking right now well what does that have to do with me? In today’s modern society a vast majority of society is in tune, unconsciously, and subconsciously being effected by the kings and queens lower-realities they project to us via the internet. Society is constantly being persuaded unconsciously through these people. As an adult, not all but some, may think or believe in their own idea-forms that they themselves have formed but then when your favorite celebrity (king) posts on Instagram their opposite idea-form you can unconsciously adapt to their reality, or rather try to adapt to their reality. Now most people will say, well that is not me and I know my beliefs apart from people with fame and power. That is understandable, but your child may not be able to discern between the two and is far more easily persuaded to lower-truths and lower-realities. For example, it is not random that rap is the number one music genre in the current times. Unoriginal, uncreative, contract label-signed rap artists often boast money, fame, lust, and violence. Young adults in and even older adults get caught up in the realities and blindly and unconsciously are influenced by these ill-formed ideas. These modern day kings and queens (artists) have millions of followings and are limited to what they can say and do. These artists are not even the one’s writing their songs. Now I am not saying that one should not listen to rap music of course not, but instead I am bringing the knowledge forward of the reality of the numerous corrupt industries that are against higher-truths and higher-knowledge and if one decides to become conscious of the information than good for them. For I respect one who does or does not insist on wanting to become conscious of these things, that is their free-will and obviously this article is not for them. But back to why one would insist on becoming conscious of the modern day kings and queens. I mentioned that children are highly susceptible to outside peer idea-forms and depending on who they are influenced by they may try to become someone they are not or act, speak, and behave in ignorant ways if they lack proper guidance. It is not only children who follow their peers realities if they do not have the guidance and from their parents. Adults also want to be apart of a community and also want to fit in, for this has been a part of the human psyche since times when humans were hunters and gatherers. But through time-space our realities and consciousness has transcended and evolved and continues to do so every second of the day.

I am not stating here that one must be cautious of all the celebrities, sports players, actors, music artists and other people with fame and/or power that they keep up with, but instead become conscious of the higher-truth that there is malevolent idea-forms mixed in with benevolent idea-forms that are portrayed to society. This is what makes it very confusing for one to even consider yet understand. As an individual in the collective society we have our own beliefs, realities, and ideas that help us live day by day and strive us with aim towards an ever becoming. For most people these realities we perspire with make our life more joyous and peaceful rather than causing unnecessary suffering and confusion to our lives. As individuals with a higher-knowledge conscious of the ignorant-knowledge that is subliminal on the surface reality of things, it is important to be aware of the modern day “Kings and Queens” so one must not veer off of their path of higher-truths.

If You’re Reading This..

If You’re Reading This..

If you’re reading this right now I will generalize and over state two states of being one can be in. Let’s say one is suffering and let’s say the other is gratitude. If one is in a temporary state of being of suffering than I am here to remind you it is okay to feel that way, and there is nothing “wrong” nor “bad” about it. That current temporary mode of existence has its purpose and if you want you can choose to persevere and work through it or you can temporarily avoid it. Either way the choice is yours.

But today I want to focus more so on gratitude. As I sit outside on the ground in my driveway gazing upon the trees and watching these wasps and other “scary” flying bugs fly around and come close to I feel deeply a sense of calmness and gratitude. I with the sun high above and it’s luminous rays contacting my skin I find in this simple moment I cannot ask for anything more nor wish of anything to be less. Of course I like adventures, exploring, creating, and other positive experiences and events. But honestly.. I think there is nothing that is greater nor less than just sitting down outside and being here. Being here in full, being here in Delight, being here in existence. Stillness to me is one of the most exuberating “activity” one can engage in. And I don’t mean to come off philosophical or overly spiritual. I am just flowing with whatever comes out of my inner-self and not letting my mind get in the way. This stillness and immobility is very dear to me. I don’t need to close my eyes and meditate into nirvana. None of us do (unless you feel the inner need to), for that nirvana is already here and can be tapped into with an open eye and an open being.

The Good The Bad.. The Be?

The Good The Bad.. The Be?

Hello everyone. Today I want to write about morals, ethics, and rules. This is a touchy subject that I do not see many people write nor even speak about. Now depending on ones own idea-forms and bundle of old habits morals, ethics, and values are literally one of a kind. Its quite silly though because most of society, especially western society, expect people to have a ‘common sense’ intellect of what morals, ethics, and values are. Society makes these idea-forms out to be as simple as something like picking what shoes to wear today. If we examine the word common sense and one says, ‘oh don’t make it so difficult. Common sense is common sense and people should kNoW what to do and not to do.’ Usually people who think this way are not open minded and not understanding to others and their different perspectives. Their consciousness doesn’t comprehend the fact that common sense is not so common after all and most of us have been misled to believe it is. Society, our guardians, or even our peers depending how one was was raised tell us “do this.. it is right. Don’t do this.. it is wrong.” Or they may say things like.. “that is bad, DON’T do that” or “that is good, it’s okay to do that.” Most people are misinformed when it comes to how to set morals and ethics and how these idea-forms are subjective yet complementary objective in their essence as well. Mostly everyone assumes what is right and wrong and they walk around mingling in the world with other-selfs imposing and forcing these limited beliefs upon others unconsciously. Our morals and ethics are like the cells in our bodies, they are always changing and evolving every step of the way we take in this life, IF we allow them to. But most people do not understand this and are under the impression of old pseudo-science and believe that the gene is set and one is ‘determined’ by them. Many scientist, doctors, and psychologists consciousness are misinformed and do not understand nor even do they try to broaden their mind-horizon that our cells and genes are just as capable of change and evolving depending on the environment they are inhabited upon. Life is interdependent and it is known that nature repeats its self and if something like cells and genes are determined by their environment than this can be said about morals and ethics as well. It’s like the blind man who takes his hand and places it upon one part of the elephant and believes that this small fragmented part he perceives with his sense-mind is all there is. But in a higher truth he is only allowing and limiting himself to a fragmented portion of the whole. If we continue with this analogy one could say the blind man is not ‘wrong’, that his limited idea-form is in fact true because to him that is all he is allowing himself to be conscious of. This then becomes a partial-truth and one cannot say so otherwise. If they do say so otherwise they will try to prove their own perception and tell the blind man.. “you are wrong!” But then they are now forming an unnecessary problem out of such minute things and infringing upon the free-will all us humans have. Society takes their past happenings and ill-formed thought-forms and labels them and staples them to their superficial egoistic selfs. This is seen in many social interactions today, when people interact with other-selfs that they believe are separate and strangers to them they hold onto their morals and ethics ever so tightly and judge and compare others before they even get the chance to let that person express their selfs in that current present-moment. Life is not black and white and even though we are conditioned and products of a divided mindset, if we want to live life without self-forming unnecessary pain and suffering then going into social interactions and speaking to ‘strangers’ with an adaptive, open, and flexible mindset is highly important.

It is the little battles we face everyday that one must fight and be conscious of. How many people do you and I know that speak of themselves being ‘good’ or doing ‘righteous’ things without realizing how many people they had to step on and belittle in order to get to their current achievement? It is often so that the moral and ethical person is unconscious to their self-limiting idea-forms. For when one acts, speaks, and feels in life it is always changing, evolving, and adapting differently to what their past mind-memory has stored in their mind. But one must acknowledge and bring their concentration to this progressive essence of their being that is veiled oh so smoothly. I could write about this topic and go on to other subtopics for days and days. This is such an interesting topic to discuss and not many people take the initiative to do so. With our limited idea-forms and old habits we forget our self and the world is and will never be the same as it was yesterday. Through our own self-imposing ignorance we elude our higher-knowledge. In no way am I saying that ethics and morals are useless because they are not, but through experience most of us know that rules often lead us to reluctantly accept or even reject things and people at times when our inner-being is wanting to express and act in the opposite way. It is an old and outdated idea that mature humans need these sharp limiting idea-forms in order to bring harmony to life. When one takes the time to dissect, inspect, and bring their consciousness towards their true inner-selfs they will find that a majority of the time it is intuitively guiding them to what is subjectively and objectively ‘Right’ for their individual selfs. Although trauma and wounds are often covering up and in the way of feeling this intuitive self, you can be sure that these things are only there for a moments time and if one consciously becomes aware of this and sincerely puts in the work to dig through this rubbish, they will consequently reap the benefits in due time.

(POST-SCRIPT: I wanted to keep this writing relatively short so I may sound contradicting or hypocritical to some due to me not being precise in my explanations. Also, I capture all the photos I upload here. This one I particularly enjoyed taking because it speaks to me greatly. I have titled it The Sunlit Path (: )

To The Other Side

To The Other Side

Many people speak,write, and draw about “going to the other side.” Just what does it mean though to go to the other side?

Perhaps going to the other side can be defined as passing away or more commonly known as death. But when one says “death” this to me entails much information about the person indirectly. When I speak to others I refrain from using the word death or dead. The word death to me is most understood and synonymous with ‘end.’ If one were to say.. “I charged my phone but now it is dead.” I believe the word is symbolized correctly here because at one point in Time we perceived the phone turn on, or ‘start’, so to say it ‘ended’ or it is now ‘dead’ is logical.

But then, when we began to speak of living creatures such as humans and animals the word then becomes quite misguiding. For how can something that we’ve never witness from our sense-mind “end” if it never begun? If I were to say, “My father is dead.” It would be like saying my fathers life “ended.” While yes, his physical surface life might of ended but his consciousness did not ‘end.’ The consciousness is eternal, something that which never begun so therefore shall never have an end. To the mind this sounds contradicting, but from a higher integral knowledge one knows eternity has no beginning and end and is just “Is”. To simply “Be” is eternal.

One day I was at Barnes and Noble and I was browsing around picking up books and reading short fragments of them. I found one lying on the table that was under the subject of astronomy and it just so happened to be written by the very well known Stephen Hawking. I believe the book was titled something the along the lines of The Universe Creation or something like that, I don’t quite remember. But what I do clearly remember is the content of the last few pages that I read. In conclusion and in his last words he wrote the universe seems to have no end and seems to have exist and will exist for eternity. We must understand science and scientists are still at its very early stages of understanding life. For life is eternal, limitless, and unlimited and science is just one limited way to understanding thy self, the world, and consciousness.

Now if we take the saying “To go to the other side”, most people associate this with a humans (or animals) life leaving this world. But what if perhaps we are ALREADY on this ‘Other’ side? There’s this quote I resonate strongly with and it goes like .. “One does not go to the other side; one always has been on the side of death. But for the battler of Truth, the game becomes clear.” What is being said here basically is that when we come out our mother’s womb we begin to experience a long dragged out mode of physical “death” in Time-Space in our physical body. While many people believe we are living right now, in actuality we are “dying” slowly and living simultaneously. From this perspective one can now reason that when the body no longer can support and be a vessel for our consciousness we are “born” again or transitioned. The word “death” or “end” is no longer represented logically and is mislabeling the event that so many people in this World are afraid of.

We have “always been on the side of death”. Our higher truth is that we are an immortal and eternal being and when we come to Earth our True All-Knowledge of this self is distorted and placed in the ignorance, which is necessary for the activities of life-experience and life-action in Space-Time. This Material World is subjective yet objective. The self and the understanding of the self is also both subjective and objective. For in a world that has innumerable possibilities and is eternal, our consciousness is always longing for an ascension and realization. This is why thousands of religions exist today. This ascension of consciousness is often misunderstood with going to the other side. While yes there are higher worlds, our innate natural feeling to ascend our consciousness is our being longing to grow out of the ignorance we have been placed in and becomes one with the Absolute All-Knowing Knowledge.

“But for the battler of Truth, the game becomes clear.” If we look at the World we will see Joy, Delight, Peace, Harmony. But also one knows the world is filled with anger, hate, jealousy, pain and suffering. And for those of us who are aware and conscious of the self, other-selfs, and the Material-World and all its happenings, we embody our true benevolent Divine being and are constantly fighting and going against the Falsehood of the world. We are constantly transforming feeling and emotions of pain and suffering into higher states of Divine Being. We stand for the All Loving Absolute Truth and push against falsehood every second of our lives. This is the True Meditator, the one who experiences this beautiful world and maneuvers through it and embraces the Divine when interacting with other-selfs. This is how we change the world. The idea of renunciation and attaining Nirvana is outdated, the game (the word game here may come off to some like I am speaking of this world as an illusion, but I am not for this existence is very real, game simply means experiencing and making choices that inevitably effect self, other-selfs, and material nature) must be played with our physical body that is anchored and conscious here on Earth in Space-Time.

The Natural Glow Within

There is a natural glow within us that radiates and pours out to which our surface physical being shows.

The evening of my father’s death I experienced and realized this. For my whole life I never realized just how beautiful my father was until I saw his pale lifeless body lying on the hospital bed. While I was so accustomed and at the same time unaware of his body glow underneath the sun, it was now presenting its self to me as grey and dark. While all of my family around me wept and grieved I remained calm and still inside for I knew he needed at least some type of peaceful vibration to feel as his eternal consciousness departed from his body. This was not something I thought to do but rather I intuitively and sincerely felt within. I knew deep down that he was okay and if I were to feel lower states of consciousness such as sadness at this moment of his death it would make his transition more difficult to partake in.

My father was forty eight when he passed onwards. A massive and sudden heart attack was the cause. I could write about him for days but all words would be useless for his spirit-consciousness is absolute and eternal. No man.. on this planet can translate something so divine into words.

Modern Day’s ‘Cancel Culture’

Hello everybody. As I sit here and share my perspective with you all I would like to discuss my view point on today’s ‘Cancel Culture’. Considering this is my first post I feel it is not only right to discuss such an important topic as such but also much needed for the people who suffer and deal with the ignorant view point of ‘cancelling’ someone right out due to what has been said or done yesterday, last week, last year, and even a decade ago.

What even is ‘Cancel Culture’? What is this fad that people on social media speak of and act on? This phrase that people cyberally throw around? “You are cancelled” “Oh wow, look everyone so and so said this a TEN years ago, they are ‘cancelled’.” To me this new age cancel culture is nothing but a resentful and unforgiving mode of existence. Now of course there are some cases where the person who is being ‘Cancelled’ is definitely in the wrong and has no justification towards their thoughts or actions. But on the other hand people on social media tend to forget humans are not perfect; at least not with the mind being used as its guide. We project this attitude of sainthood on everybody but ourselves. “Oh this person did that or said this, they are bad, they are wrong!” Most people on social media are blind to the fact that this whole cancelling someone due to their past actions or expressions is limiting and unforgiving. In this life most of us are not meant to say and do the “right” thing one hundred percent of the time, every-time. If one thinks this way than they themselves are diluted. How many times have you and I done or said something that we know we shouldn’t have expressed, only to want to take it back later but finally coming to the conclusion of what is said is said and what is done is done. For nothing in the past can be changed and to simply dwell or kindle on our past actions is very limiting and self-afflicting. We must take this moment and be the person we feel to be, we must occasionally cast our sight into the future and see within all of the unlimited potentialities we naturally hold.

As I began to express myself more and more on here and as time plays on I will change mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually (as we all do). Know that my mind and being is not fixed to your idea of what you have for me or yourself, neither is it fixed to my own ideas and beliefs I have of my self. I will allow myself to grow, forgive, and perspire. I wish the same to you, for being stuck in the same consciousness is simply painful and outright detrimental to our true being.