Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

How do we remember and remanence the people we were close to? Well, I believe depending on the person who is doing the reminiscing it can vary. Of course each person is different and will either feel a feeling of overwhelming grief, sadness, or emptiness. But that becomes a choice once that void is healed. Once that is healed one can choose to take the time and think back to the memories and transform the feeling of sadness that suddenly and impulsively arose into grace, peace, and joy. This requires a concentration though, one must concentrate in the moment and feel this feeling start to arise and then consciously choose to transform it to its higher vibration of Harmony. This is relative to each individual and depending on their will-power and consciousness, will determine their adaptability to integrate this into themselves. Now normally when we take the time to stop and think about the feelings, thoughts, situations, and happenings we shared with this passed person we tend to stick only to the positive side of things. While there is nothing wrong or right about this I believe we can learn and draw valuable lessons from the shadow or “negative” side of the person who passed. For example, as I sit here and write this I think of my father and the love he showed indirectly and the knowledge he left behind without him even being aware. Just by him being himself I can now look back upon and think.. wow.. experiences that I had with him he was unconsciously showing me peace and interactive-meditation. At the time though I was not able to see it for what is was due to my fragmented lens of perception and seeing things in a separated ego-centric manner. On the other side I look at the shadow side of him and ask myself what can I learn from this. I think back to the pain and suffering he held deep within himself to which he would at times project this onto me and others. And instead of forming a low vibration of resentment and hate towards him for this behavior, I choose to understand and reminisce the lesson and teaching it leaves behind. I choose to not let what most people would call “bad” or “wrong” actions of him, deter me away from the information it leaves behind in my psyche and understand it instead of judging it. For I know He and I are not the only ones who experience these low vibrations and painful experiences. I know that my individual experience is felt and experienced by other individuals in this collective society we all share together.

This confusion, pain, and suffering we all feel is real. It is as real as the joy, bliss, and peace that we all progress and strive towards. But I know that the pain, suffering, and confusion is only a product of the separation-ignorance that comes from our egoistic selfs. For Divine Love will triumph ill-will every time. The shadow ceases to exist once the luminous light is cast upon it.

The Answer You Search For…

The Answer You Search For…

Hello everyone, today I want to ask and bring your awareness to a rather interesting realization I thought of just now. How should one know which source to draw our consciousness to when asking questions to help understand our selfs, others, and nature. To keep it rather simple for now, there are outer sources such as the unlimited information outside of us that exists in material existence that can answer our questions. For example.. things such as nature like rocks, trees, the sky, the changing of seasons, books, advice from other people, the internet. The list goes on. And on the other end, there are inner sources such as the unlimited knowledge within us that exists in our Being that can answer our questions as well. This is an interesting topic and conversation that can be had between two individuals or more. Each individual’s answer is true in its own way, but each answer does vary to lower-truths and higher-truths. All is relative, for the self who forms the answer is doing so with the consciousness-power of free-will. Now depending on the question or questions that are being asked determines what source to receive the answer from. If it is a question of understanding our selfs, other-selfs, and our nature-self than it is more logical to receive an answer drawn from the source of our inner-self. In America however, the modern society has not yet realized on a collective level that there is a difference between intellect, which comes from the mind, and knowledge which comes from our intuitive higher-truth realized self. I do not say this in a superiority complex type of way, rather I state this in a wholistic way for which I understand that the world and self is a Becoming and we are in a time where people are more focused on figuring out material sciences and equations before the collective consciousness shifts to the meta-physical side of things. This is understandable and inevitable due to the sense-mind trying to make progress through the senses and all that exists on the superficial surface-reality of things. This is why I respect religious, non-religious, and nihilist all together. Each individual has their own truth within their self, each individual has their own free-will within their self. I have no place in trying to change anyone, for one who truly wants to ascend and understand existence in its more pure and higher-truths, than they will do so with their own dynamic force that mysteriously and serendipitously comes from within.

Modern Day Kings and Queens

Modern Day Kings and Queens

Why should one care who the modern day Kings and Queens are? I believe this is important question for the youth, young adults, and adults to understand. One should be conscious and not in the ignorance because modern day Kings and Queens are an easy yet unrecognizable way for manipulation, coercion, and confusion to enter our lives. A majority of modern society today is being heavily influenced unconsciously by the persons who seem to have our best interests at hearts, but in reality the information they push into our conscious is often mis-information that keeps us away from our true higher individualized selfs.

If one were to study parts of our history dating back to the times of Kings and Queens, one would realize there was a point in times where Kings and Queens ruled over the whole society. It was the king or queen who had the say so and it was the king or queen who formed idea-forms, rules, and regulations that a majority of society not only had to follow but blindly followed out of fear and in order to not be executed. Obviously the idea of kings and queens in a modern society here in the West is not active anymore partly due to the idea that one persons say is the be all and end all for everyone else. On the surface level of the mind this seems illogical and outright “unfair”. Returning back to our current state in time we have a democracy where we the people hold the ultimate power. Well.. at least that is what we all have been told since we were too young to remember.

The conscious of society has risen and past kings and queens have been eradicated due to us realizing we all have individual rights. Now this is simple and straight forward to understand. But what is way more confusing and complicated for the mind to understand is that kings and queens in fact still do exist but they are not labeled with the word king/queen. I want to make this very clear that this is not a conspiracy theory nor an act of the new age Truther movements you see today. I am just stating briefly what most people are not able to understand due to how deep of an understanding one must come to. This can go off to many different sub-topics and I could give plenty of higher truths and higher knowledge that would triumph the lower-truths and falsehood that is intermingled in with the truths that the majority of society is conscious of. As time goes on I will write with precision about these topics thus making it its own topic that is explained thoroughly enough for it to have its own post. But for now I shall keep this writing rather short and continue on with who these modern day kings and queens are and why its important to be aware of this if one chooses to do so.

So who are the modern day kings and queens? To simply answer, anyone who has has fame and power. For example, most highly influential celebrities, humanitarians, actors, sports players, signed contract labeled artists such as rappers and other musicians. Perhaps there are some ‘good’ “kings and queens” and just because someone is famous or is highly influential does not mean they are a modern day king or queen. But there are many “kings and queens” that are only in a place of recognition due to them giving up their ability to share their all-expressive true beliefs. Now one might be thinking right now well what does that have to do with me? In today’s modern society a vast majority of society is in tune, unconsciously, and subconsciously being effected by the kings and queens lower-realities they project to us via the internet. Society is constantly being persuaded unconsciously through these people. As an adult, not all but some, may think or believe in their own idea-forms that they themselves have formed but then when your favorite celebrity (king) posts on Instagram their opposite idea-form you can unconsciously adapt to their reality, or rather try to adapt to their reality. Now most people will say, well that is not me and I know my beliefs apart from people with fame and power. That is understandable, but your child may not be able to discern between the two and is far more easily persuaded to lower-truths and lower-realities. For example, it is not random that rap is the number one music genre in the current times. Unoriginal, uncreative, contract label-signed rap artists often boast money, fame, lust, and violence. Young adults in and even older adults get caught up in the realities and blindly and unconsciously are influenced by these ill-formed ideas. These modern day kings and queens (artists) have millions of followings and are limited to what they can say and do. These artists are not even the one’s writing their songs. Now I am not saying that one should not listen to rap music of course not, but instead I am bringing the knowledge forward of the reality of the numerous corrupt industries that are against higher-truths and higher-knowledge and if one decides to become conscious of the information than good for them. For I respect one who does or does not insist on wanting to become conscious of these things, that is their free-will and obviously this article is not for them. But back to why one would insist on becoming conscious of the modern day kings and queens. I mentioned that children are highly susceptible to outside peer idea-forms and depending on who they are influenced by they may try to become someone they are not or act, speak, and behave in ignorant ways if they lack proper guidance. It is not only children who follow their peers realities if they do not have the guidance and from their parents. Adults also want to be apart of a community and also want to fit in, for this has been a part of the human psyche since times when humans were hunters and gatherers. But through time-space our realities and consciousness has transcended and evolved and continues to do so every second of the day.

I am not stating here that one must be cautious of all the celebrities, sports players, actors, music artists and other people with fame and/or power that they keep up with, but instead become conscious of the higher-truth that there is malevolent idea-forms mixed in with benevolent idea-forms that are portrayed to society. This is what makes it very confusing for one to even consider yet understand. As an individual in the collective society we have our own beliefs, realities, and ideas that help us live day by day and strive us with aim towards an ever becoming. For most people these realities we perspire with make our life more joyous and peaceful rather than causing unnecessary suffering and confusion to our lives. As individuals with a higher-knowledge conscious of the ignorant-knowledge that is subliminal on the surface reality of things, it is important to be aware of the modern day “Kings and Queens” so one must not veer off of their path of higher-truths.

We Unconsciously Limit Ourselves

We Unconsciously Limit Ourselves

It seems certain to me that most people in todays society limit their selfs to both the given labels that they have acquired through outside endeavors and the personal labels they have given their-self and to which they hold onto very tightly. Some acquired self-labels for example are things like our careers. I am a doctor. I am a dentist. I am a lawyer. I am a plumber. I am a mechanic. I am a real estate agent. Other labels one believes to have are personal labels such as values, morals, and ethics. I am caring. I am good. I am bad. I am honest. I am coercive. I am funny. I am stupid. Both type of labels whether they are positive or negative have their place and can be useful in certain happenings and in certain situations. But I find that more of the time than not these labels limit us. For example, if I believe myself to be a doctor who has graduated from a highly-rated University I will believe and let my egotistical self become unshakeable to another’s perception of health-knowledge. Of course it depends on the type of person this doctor is, but for the most part they will hold this label very close to them and disregard others viewpoints. Yes, the doctor has studied and knows certain things that one who does not have a degree does not know. But at the same time this world and the self are eternally evolving and progressing and is subjective and relative to both the self, other-selfs, and nature-self. To many people put all of their trust and beliefs into a doctors idea-formation without even doing their own due diligence. There are many reasons for this but to generalize one reason is simply because most people dislike inconvenience. People will tend to take things at face-value rather than ‘reading between the lines’. Misdiagnosis and medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. We are currently in a time where we are making vast improvements and discoveries in the health industry, but this is done so on very limited means. These advancements and discoveries are limited. How so you ask? Well in a society where the understanding of life, self, and nature are both confusing and limited to the general public this causes many limitative idea-forms not only for the person who has formed this perception but also to the others who unconsciously allow themselves to believe in this one idea-form out of the unlimited possibilities that one is capable of creating. Society draws objectivity and truth to beliefs and idea-forms that seem to be correct and true to the vast majority of other people. In other words.. they only believe this and that because more people believe in this over that. To over-generalize lets take a hundred people. This group of a hundred people are on a bridge and ninety of them all at once jump off the bridge while only ten of them stay back. This is their logic, it is not stupid, but ignorant? Yes. Of course to the one jumping off the bridge they are unconsciously doing so because superficially it seems ‘right’ since everyone else is doing it. I share with you now the response my mother would give to me when she would ask me why I did something I was not suppose to do. My excuse when I was a child to why I did something I was not supposed to do was, “I did it because so and so did it.” To which she would tell me, “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you too?” My mother said this intuitively to me and it is quite funny because she is hypocritical when it comes to that statement. For she does not even understand the depth and Truth in it. I am not being disrespectful I am just being Truthful, it only sounds like I am disrespecting her because you do not understand our relationship to each other and all of the other information needed to see why I have said what I said. That is a whole ‘nother topic in its own and I am not going to get into that at this moment. Anyways, as I was saying.. this bridge question was more than a question. She was unconsciously describing me as a person. I didn’t know it in and through the past times of my life but I was always the one who did not ‘jump off the bridge’ because I saw everyone else doing it. I did not follow the peers around me and was always the odd one out. Now a lot of people like to claim this and a lot of people will falsely say they were never followers. But the people who go around telling others about this when it is unnecessary and only being said to boost their ego are not sincerely that. I understand I may sound contradicting to the reader but let me further explain myself.. this life of being the odd one out and not having mob mentality is not what it seems. I can only speak about it in Sincerity because I have been able to come out of the darkness for which it consequently puts one through. When i was younger and separated, lonely, bullied, teased, looked down upon, low self-esteem, depressed, low self-worth and many other negative idea-forms I had of myself. At a young age, one does not choose to be different. At a young age one does not get to make the choice of not being like the others. I was just.. living. Existing. And due to both physical and mental reasons I was the kid who did not fit in and in effect this led me to question myself deeply and to be confused as to why I am the way I am. From a young age I have always thought deeply about myself and the world around me, what else was there to do when you had hardly any friends to connect with and did not fit in with any crowd throughout the entire course of grade-school. I have briefly shared this with you all to give a slight awareness as to why not following the other blindly leads one down a path of temporary suffering. Fast forward to the now. In this present moment and in this time I still do not ‘fit in’. But my limited idea-forms and labels I once had of myself are not the representation of the being and consciousness I embody today. For all the years and all the steps taken down that pathway of self-limiting and suffering have brought me immense Joy and Gratitude today. The pain and suffering were necessary, if I could go back and change one thing I would change no thing, For these past happenings have brought me to a consciousness that is indescribable and ultimately cannot be understood by words. I can do my very best to explain precisely yes, but that would than turn into a novel lol. Also it is something that can be better understood when one has experienced what I am writing about because I understand that I am not the only one who has gone through the inevitable consequences that come about when one is not a ‘follower’. There are many others as well. If one is a follower that does not make them any less or not as ‘good’ as me. I do not think like that at all, for I believe that we are all unique individuals whether we have group mentality are not. We are all teachers and learners upon this vast and unlimited mysterious existence. A label of any kind and all kinds is very important to understand. For depending on the plane of our consciousness these labels can limit us for the worse or for the better. The choice is ours.

POSTSCRIPT: This is a journal style writing. Or what I like to refer as, intuitive writing. I wrote this in a mode of self-expression but at the same time altering my expression to be understood by the one reading. No corrections, no edits, no read-backs. I will just allow it to be as is.

Resenting and Hating Other-Selfs

Resenting and Hating Other-Selfs

If we can imagine for this time being while I write this and you read it. That if all is really one and the universe is absolute and in its most powerful and highest being harmonious and omniscient. Then if we want to align to that and get as close as possible to having that essence in our individuality than it is important to be very mindful of who we resent and who are what we hate. Now of course it is difficult to keep this being and concentration day by day, second by second as one endeavors in this spontaneous existence. But with practice, perseverance, and sincerity it is only inevitable that through experience and time in this Space-Time realm we can master this eventually. But for now if we want to be in harmony with the Supreme Joyful ultimate vibration of Unity and indivisibleness then it only seems logical that by feeling and thinking of lower energies and vibrations such as Hate and Resentment we in effect change our vibration to a lower state of existence. When people, places, or things test our essence of Truth and we respond and even worse hold low vibrations of hate and resentment than we are automatically giving our True Higher power within us away. We are letting a “piece” of our wholistic delicious pie be eaten by ignorant forces. The more people we hate and if we look at our past relationships with other-selfs with a negative vision such as resentfulness than we are drawing away our Life-Force/Life-Power/Life-Energy. If we then take the word I used at the beginning of this sharing, imagine, and instead replace it with Be. Be that oneness that is both embodying our individuality and our multiplicity of everyone and everything than we come into power and in alignment with the Absolute Consciousness. For everything and everyone is this, the “good” and the “bad”. The “pain and suffering” and the Joy and Peace. Everything is intermingling and co-existing among and within each and all. We have the choice to embrace this wholly or partially. No one can tell you nor I what to do or which portion to vibrate with. If all opposites and divided materialities are in essence one then it makes sense to me I want to be as close as possible to this oneness that I can possibly be. And there may be times where life hits us with roadblocks and we have no choice but to flow with this current happening.. but then there comes a time where we can choose how we react and remember these happenings. And by choosing Hate and Resentment we unconsciously keep our self in lower states of vibration because all is within all and it is disempowering to keep our consciousness in these lower states. By unconditionally accepting everything and everyone we align more to Love. For Life is Love and Love is Life…Truly. But perhaps life and love is another topic for next time..



What does sincerity mean to you? How does being sincere in ones life lead to true expression of one’s individual self and how does this in effect positively influence those around you? To me, being sincere is a way of life. Sincerity is not something that can be learned intellectually but rather a being in which one begins to progress towards. Sincerity is similar to honesty, truth, and authenticity. For all of these modes of existence are at the core of our inner-self. But through the ignorance into which we are born, as we grow older and as we form false mental formations of ourselves we temporarily separate from this true state of existence. If one were to ask you.. Are you True? Are you authentic? Most of us would answer the question with a yes. But how many persons of society that would answer with a yes actually embody that response day in day out? How many people are there who are sincere with not only themselves, but to other-selfs and nature-self? For it is one thing to trick our mind and fill up our superficial-egos with a half authentic answer of a yes without even putting in the effort every day and existing with True-Sincerity. To be clear just because one lives a life of sincerity does not mean they are better than the other. Living a life of sincerity is a choice one makes with their free-will. Living a life of Truth is a choice that requires a great deal of concentration amongst one’s being every second of the day. For this is quite difficult due to the human-nature of impulse, egoistic desires, and automatic habitual action. When one begins to ask themselves.. Am I sincere? Another question would be required to ponder on, do I TRUST? Do I trust myself? Do I trust other-selfs? Do I trust Nature-self? To live with sincerity is to live in Trust and to Trust is to live in sincerity. In the current time we are all experiencing at this moment Trust is the second most difficult thing to master besides Love. There are many reasons for this but just to name a few one could say that false media and entertainment deters our being from trust. Through unconscious psychological operations we are often led to believe half-truths that make us fear the unknown. Fearing the unknown is a common place trait in the majority of society today. But I ask you.. How can one fear something that one does not know? If we go deeper it is not fear that has entered our being but a half-truth limited idea-formation. What often leads to mistrust is trauma, wound-memories, and suffering experienced throughout our childhoods. Depending on the level of consciousness one embodies it is quite difficult to come to terms with what Trust really symbolizes. Trust is something that one must work on and it is something that requires a consciousness of perseverance and unconditional-acceptance of self, other-self, and nature-self.

Existing with sincerity has many positive effects when one is out in the material-world intermingling with other-selfs. There is a silent vibration one unconsciously picks up when a sincere person is around. People tend to gravitate towards the sincere self and often will respect them without even trying to respect them. It comes very naturally and when one is in contact with a sincere person they subconsciously trust them even if they are strangers to each other. When one is sincere within themselves their vibration spreads to other-selfs and in effect they momentarily become sincere as well. In most cases, despite the obvious other end of the spectrum, embodying this truth of sincerity in one’s self leads to many positive happenings. True sincerity within all and all within help the Universe remember its essence of Harmony.

Inner & Outer Knowledge

Inner & Outer Knowledge

A commonality of the self experiencing life is that we are constantly being pulled outwardly to discover the self, other-selfs, and nature. While at the same time the very same consciousness is being pulled inward waiting for the veil to lift and for the door to be willingly discovered and walked through. Our sense-mind is real and also very useful here in a 21st century world where materiality is highly responsible for evolution and progressive idea-forms and scientific discoveries. Due to the basis of the reality of our senses we tend to look at our selfs as a civilization that is farther advanced and highly intellectual compared to any other civilization that has come before us. This is the effect of the half-truth education that is thought in all American schools. While the modern day education system in America is not completely useless, there are partial-truths mixed in with Truths. This ultimately confuses the self and draws ill idea-forms that are based on false preconceptions, superficial studies only, and separative cognitive conditioning. The sense-mind has to willingly unlearn or at least broaden their consciousness to other possible idea-forms in order for reality to be less confusing. Just as we willingly consumed and allowed the misinformation in we must use the same will-power to alter and adapt new idea-forms and truth that align more to the essence of self, other-selfs, and Nature Earth. The ego-self does not like the thoughts nor feelings that are experienced when one begins to allow their consciousness to broaden. For it challenges it and makes it feel uncomfortable due to the unknown steps it unconsciously foresees has to be taken. When one has spent their whole life creating this outer ego and superficial self it can be painful to discover higher truths that naturally shift the ego-self to a mode of transcendence and self-discovery. It is commonly misunderstood that everyone and everything is limited in expressions. We form half-truth rules, morals, and ethics that divide us from the unlimited and endless potentialities that exist in the deeper forms of everything and everyone. The normal modern day societal collective perception also often leaves the individual to feel and think with a conscious that labels the self, other-selfs, and Earth Nature. We say, “This is that” and “That is this.” While this may be true it is also true that “This and that” are not separate nor limited to being only “That and This”. The modern day collective cognition does not fully understand Trust due to half truths taught not only to society through childhood conditioning but also because of the constant consumption of everyday media. This is far from any ‘Conspiracy’ for one only uses this label when their beliefs and preconceptions are being challenged to realize higher truths. These people who throw around the conspiracist label are unconsciously lacking willed self-evolution. Their consciousness is very small and it is not worth the time or effort to try and alter their perspective for they have all the right to be limited and bias if that’s what they choose to do. This is their truth and if they do not want to progress and concentrate their consciousness to a more wholistic integral knowing than one must let them peacefully be. But problems start the be formed when the self interacts with other-selfs who possess a limited consciousness. Other-selfs who do not embrace a wider span of consciousness often argue with the self who knows that everything in life does not have to be learned through the senses and that learning of history and the people there of are necessary for societies advancement. While yes one can learn many things from studying past other-selfs and events, the modern day self often forgets to trust in their self and the constantly evolving mind they possess. The world is a becoming and when one is constantly studying the past happenings they are unknowingly disregarding the current existing consciousness. If one were to take a moment and trust in thyself and trust in the universe they would soon come to realize that in this present moment a large majority of answers lie within and just beneath our superficial self. But one who cares about what society thinks of them and unconsciously follows the rules and preconceived ideas that are accepted they do not allow their selfs to Trust these ever-present inner knowings.

To The Other Side

To The Other Side

Many people speak,write, and draw about “going to the other side.” Just what does it mean though to go to the other side?

Perhaps going to the other side can be defined as passing away or more commonly known as death. But when one says “death” this to me entails much information about the person indirectly. When I speak to others I refrain from using the word death or dead. The word death to me is most understood and synonymous with ‘end.’ If one were to say.. “I charged my phone but now it is dead.” I believe the word is symbolized correctly here because at one point in Time we perceived the phone turn on, or ‘start’, so to say it ‘ended’ or it is now ‘dead’ is logical.

But then, when we began to speak of living creatures such as humans and animals the word then becomes quite misguiding. For how can something that we’ve never witness from our sense-mind “end” if it never begun? If I were to say, “My father is dead.” It would be like saying my fathers life “ended.” While yes, his physical surface life might of ended but his consciousness did not ‘end.’ The consciousness is eternal, something that which never begun so therefore shall never have an end. To the mind this sounds contradicting, but from a higher integral knowledge one knows eternity has no beginning and end and is just “Is”. To simply “Be” is eternal.

One day I was at Barnes and Noble and I was browsing around picking up books and reading short fragments of them. I found one lying on the table that was under the subject of astronomy and it just so happened to be written by the very well known Stephen Hawking. I believe the book was titled something the along the lines of The Universe Creation or something like that, I don’t quite remember. But what I do clearly remember is the content of the last few pages that I read. In conclusion and in his last words he wrote the universe seems to have no end and seems to have exist and will exist for eternity. We must understand science and scientists are still at its very early stages of understanding life. For life is eternal, limitless, and unlimited and science is just one limited way to understanding thy self, the world, and consciousness.

Now if we take the saying “To go to the other side”, most people associate this with a humans (or animals) life leaving this world. But what if perhaps we are ALREADY on this ‘Other’ side? There’s this quote I resonate strongly with and it goes like .. “One does not go to the other side; one always has been on the side of death. But for the battler of Truth, the game becomes clear.” What is being said here basically is that when we come out our mother’s womb we begin to experience a long dragged out mode of physical “death” in Time-Space in our physical body. While many people believe we are living right now, in actuality we are “dying” slowly and living simultaneously. From this perspective one can now reason that when the body no longer can support and be a vessel for our consciousness we are “born” again or transitioned. The word “death” or “end” is no longer represented logically and is mislabeling the event that so many people in this World are afraid of.

We have “always been on the side of death”. Our higher truth is that we are an immortal and eternal being and when we come to Earth our True All-Knowledge of this self is distorted and placed in the ignorance, which is necessary for the activities of life-experience and life-action in Space-Time. This Material World is subjective yet objective. The self and the understanding of the self is also both subjective and objective. For in a world that has innumerable possibilities and is eternal, our consciousness is always longing for an ascension and realization. This is why thousands of religions exist today. This ascension of consciousness is often misunderstood with going to the other side. While yes there are higher worlds, our innate natural feeling to ascend our consciousness is our being longing to grow out of the ignorance we have been placed in and becomes one with the Absolute All-Knowing Knowledge.

“But for the battler of Truth, the game becomes clear.” If we look at the World we will see Joy, Delight, Peace, Harmony. But also one knows the world is filled with anger, hate, jealousy, pain and suffering. And for those of us who are aware and conscious of the self, other-selfs, and the Material-World and all its happenings, we embody our true benevolent Divine being and are constantly fighting and going against the Falsehood of the world. We are constantly transforming feeling and emotions of pain and suffering into higher states of Divine Being. We stand for the All Loving Absolute Truth and push against falsehood every second of our lives. This is the True Meditator, the one who experiences this beautiful world and maneuvers through it and embraces the Divine when interacting with other-selfs. This is how we change the world. The idea of renunciation and attaining Nirvana is outdated, the game (the word game here may come off to some like I am speaking of this world as an illusion, but I am not for this existence is very real, game simply means experiencing and making choices that inevitably effect self, other-selfs, and material nature) must be played with our physical body that is anchored and conscious here on Earth in Space-Time.

Traumatic Art

Traumatic Art

There are times in our life when we get to a moment of wanting to embrace our pain and suffering. Would it than be possible to embrace our pain and suffering through creativity. Instead of traditional exercises and psychological activities what if an approach of “dark creativity” is used to express our wounds and traumas thus leading more to an emotional expression rather than a solution solely based with the mind as the tool. Instead of thought being the paint brush (mind) our emotion or our heart would be the paint brush instead, melting into the craft and becoming one with it to the point where one becomes in a flow type of state. Ex: while playing guitar sing, speak, or strum how you feel. While painting, drawing, and any other form of creative art expression do so with the emotion of our pain and suffering behind it. Thus allowing the emotions to come up to the surface to be felt while at the same time slowly releasing it through and with every paint stroke and every strum.

(Buy empty canvases, and allow oneself to feel and be non-judge mental to the wounds that our brought up and feel these emotions while at the same time creating a piece of art/song out of it.)

This is not negative or pessimistic. I would say it is rather the opposite, which is a healthy expression of ones emotions and feelings, pain and suffering let go through means of beautiful creations instead of detrimental forms such as projected hate-speech, and/or physical or verbal abuse to self or others. No need to scream in the middle of an empty forest, instead one is able to let go through expressions and creations of ‘dark art’.

Our traumas, wounds, and shadow characteristics are filled with pain and suffering. When the piece of dark-art is created we transfer these energies that were once inside of us to the created object. We have let go and let loose. Now depending on each person and circumstance we might be able to fully let go or partially let go of the pain and suffering that was once unacknowledged and held within. Either way we have made a positive progression and release by means of artistic creation. There are many forms and expressions of art that we can let our wounds be channeled and released through. Painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, singing, and any other form of art one enjoys. Create and express with the emotion of our specific pain and suffering being felt.

(Postscript: This was a spontaneous journaling I did around 5AM when I woke up. I wrote this intuitively and as I think about it now, perhaps this why so many people are artistic in their nature and wanting to make careers out of being a painter, sculptor, singer etc. There are a lot of us who have normal 9-5 jobs and don’t make the time for artistic expression and creation but I believe this is a natural therapeutic remedy to invoke feelings of peace while at the same time feeling and releasing our suppressed wounds. I am certainly not the first to have this realization or come to this alternate solution. With a quick google search I found others who have written about this and give a more in depth way to get started, so if this has resonated with you perhaps you can look further into this or just outright trust yourself and know there isn’t much to learn on how to get started. If you think about it enough the answers are pretty straightforward and what feels right for you can only be discovered by you!If anyone has any pieces of ‘dark-art’ they would like to share I’d like to see.)

Experiencing Death

(Pre-script: I wrote and tweeted this the another night on twitter as a thread and have taken the tweets and copied and pasted them here, This is why the format/spellings/construction appear to be as they are. I decided to share with you all here and I am open to any discussions and/or comments of yall’s experiences)

My father left this material Earth-plane from a sudden heart attack at age 47 a little over a year ago. He was rushed to the hospital where they tried to resuscitate him, it failed and he was pronounced “dead” after two hours or something like that.

By the time he was pronounced “dead” there were about 10 people or so awaiting for the news. The doctor let us go into the room to say our goodbyes to his pale motionless body.

Everyone who entered the room was in shock and crying in despair. (Try to understand, I don’t say this out of superiority..) When I entered the room I could instantly feel the low vibrations of pain and grief swarming me.

Instead of allowing these emotions to enter and take power over me I remained calm and peaceful and proceeded to go over to his side and give him a kiss upon his forehead.

The whole time I was waiting in the waiting room and also while being in the room after he was pronounced “dead” I had not shed one tear. This was not due to lack of empathy but more so a feeling of inner-knowing, which I can’t put into words, that everything was okay.

I did not spend much of my time near his body for I knew his consciousness was no longer entangled with it. Not only could I sense it but also if you look at a corpse that you have seen “alive” your whole life you notice a drastic difference.

Although I was not close to his unconscious body I stayed in and around the room. Everyone’s vibrations in and around the room we’re low except mine. I still embodied a sense of calm and peace within naturally.

When someone is pronounced “dead” they’re physical body is unconscious yes, but their consciousness is still in this realm but just on a different plane. Which brings me to my next point, which is most people who are about to “pass away” say, ‘be strong, it will be okay, don’t cry’

There must be a reason for this? Perhaps once one leaves their physical body their consciousness is still in this realm and if there are a bunch of people around the body in a low vibrational grieving state..

It makes the transition of the consciousness more difficult due to the low vibrations emitting from the grieving people in the area. It’s proven our emotions and thoughts emit forces/frequencies.

So intuitively I remained calm that way his consciousness wouldn’t be engulfed by only low frequencies of pain and suffering. By allowing my being not to succumb to these lower states of consciousness, my fathers spirit-consciousness had a more comfortable place to observe..

My aura was possibly the space where his spirit-consciousness was attracted to that day. And it possibly made his transition more comfortable.

Of course I was not able to keep away the forces of pain, grief, and suffering and later cried all night in bed thinking about all of the moments and conversations we were not able to share in this life-moment.

But what I felt that day was an unexpected calmness and peace. For I knew from within that everything was okay. And to anyone going through any form of grief, just know that no matter what at the end of the day our ‘passed’ loved ones are always with us.

On this physical-plane and to our physical minds it may not seem so but our spirit-consciousness knows otherwise. True-Life is eternal, True-life is harmonious.