Having thy mental-being within the unified consciousness and coming to India one could feel the aliveness, unity, and love within everything and everyone. Arriving in West-Benghal, a boy set to explore the disruptive set-times of its bussling roads of Kolkata. I found my 30 minute walk to the Howrah station to be quite simple and yet a half-expressive peace within my Being put forth due to the observance of new life-being and stimuli around me. There was no nervousness amongst the walk, there was no anxiety with the stroll. In the initial set off from the hotel there indeed was a mixed-jumbled shyness. This quickly faded as I brought my concentration back to That. To summarise the reactive expression of people around as I walked through the town, I found it to be looks of interest, rather than looks of negative-judgement I would recieve from the peoples. Countless people were indeed looking at me for the sake of what it seemed to me, wonder. Everyone involved in city life of small city-shop-exchangememt, had a natural flow of harmony one cannot put into words. Having this been my first experience out of my nation consciousness it took me to a state of being I can term as concentrated-alertness. The culture-shock that most people speak of is derived from the ego separated from the Self. For to be shocked by a culture is the mind judging the culture leading to a separated thought and the emotion of fear. I could not relate to this. Once arrived at the station, I did my thing there, and told my self I will enjoy this walk instead having a alerted concentrated movement. The 30 minute walk back to the hotel was indeed more United. I looked at the things more, I observed the details of the people, food, traffic, shops, and street-buildings with more depth. I came to realise that the small experience I had of the Kolkata city-life during its traffic hour is a hasty disordered-order flow. This and that intermingling upon each other in respective-cordial manners. I found it very pleasing.
Now, having the necessary drop of consciousness of thy being I am becoming more and more by the Golden Truth Dawns.
For I admit, do I fear man? No. Do I fear spirit? Nay. Spirit is all consciousness within everything and everyone, and it is the fall of the Self I took that brought me back to the self-judgementized way of looking how I can keep things in Harmony at all times of thy action amongst a town that is majoritively divided from me. I see the divine within, I see the love within, I acknowledge the truth within.  It is not fear within that exists as I move about in this Divine-Life, rather I currently come to feel it being at certain times and circumstances a unnecessary yet required self-hassled judgement of thy action and its effect it has on me and the entire effectuation of my uncontrollable illusive character within the town. I understand this is ignorant, and as I look at it from the new-born rising Divine consciousness I attain now, it is quite inevitable. For I am now obtaining the wisdom of the occult workings and the force movements within them have its effect on not only the world but the individual human psyche coupled along with the social mingling of others constituting to the distortion of our self-percieved identities. This is a rise out of a fall. And it is only by this ascending and descending state of existence that the infinite-Being can learn, prosper, and become its Truth of Love-Self; Vasudeva.


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