What does sincerity mean to you? How does being sincere in ones life lead to true expression of one’s individual self and how does this in effect positively influence those around you? To me, being sincere is a way of life. Sincerity is not something that can be learned intellectually but rather a being in which one begins to progress towards. Sincerity is similar to honesty, truth, and authenticity. For all of these modes of existence are at the core of our inner-self. But through the ignorance into which we are born, as we grow older and as we form false mental formations of ourselves we temporarily separate from this true state of existence. If one were to ask you.. Are you True? Are you authentic? Most of us would answer the question with a yes. But how many persons of society that would answer with a yes actually embody that response day in day out? How many people are there who are sincere with not only themselves, but to other-selfs and nature-self? For it is one thing to trick our mind and fill up our superficial-egos with a half authentic answer of a yes without even putting in the effort every day and existing with True-Sincerity. To be clear just because one lives a life of sincerity does not mean they are better than the other. Living a life of sincerity is a choice one makes with their free-will. Living a life of Truth is a choice that requires a great deal of concentration amongst one’s being every second of the day. For this is quite difficult due to the human-nature of impulse, egoistic desires, and automatic habitual action. When one begins to ask themselves.. Am I sincere? Another question would be required to ponder on, do I TRUST? Do I trust myself? Do I trust other-selfs? Do I trust Nature-self? To live with sincerity is to live in Trust and to Trust is to live in sincerity. In the current time we are all experiencing at this moment Trust is the second most difficult thing to master besides Love. There are many reasons for this but just to name a few one could say that false media and entertainment deters our being from trust. Through unconscious psychological operations we are often led to believe half-truths that make us fear the unknown. Fearing the unknown is a common place trait in the majority of society today. But I ask you.. How can one fear something that one does not know? If we go deeper it is not fear that has entered our being but a half-truth limited idea-formation. What often leads to mistrust is trauma, wound-memories, and suffering experienced throughout our childhoods. Depending on the level of consciousness one embodies it is quite difficult to come to terms with what Trust really symbolizes. Trust is something that one must work on and it is something that requires a consciousness of perseverance and unconditional-acceptance of self, other-self, and nature-self.

Existing with sincerity has many positive effects when one is out in the material-world intermingling with other-selfs. There is a silent vibration one unconsciously picks up when a sincere person is around. People tend to gravitate towards the sincere self and often will respect them without even trying to respect them. It comes very naturally and when one is in contact with a sincere person they subconsciously trust them even if they are strangers to each other. When one is sincere within themselves their vibration spreads to other-selfs and in effect they momentarily become sincere as well. In most cases, despite the obvious other end of the spectrum, embodying this truth of sincerity in one’s self leads to many positive happenings. True sincerity within all and all within help the Universe remember its essence of Harmony.

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