Harmonious Relating

In current-life there is is a general division in ninety-nine point nine percent of things. This necessary division is known by some but also not known by many as well. Knowing of this division helps one realize that there are things that can be contradicting but in a higher truth that one contradicting thing can become complementary. The division necessary for human life and experience also brings about an automatic opposite law in everything and everyone. When one concentrates their observance they will find that opposition and polarization is inevitable in the world. Higher, and lower. Benevolent and malevolent. These words I have just written is a very simple reason as to why people have a hard time understanding self in relation to other-self. These words I have written are the reason why most people do not know how to peacefully “Agree to disagree”. Many people rather resort to arguments and confrontations than to share their conflicting idea-forms peacefully. One can have the intellect of this inevitable division of the world but still be ignorance in their being due to their inauthenticity and/or impulsive nature. To sincerely exist and experience life embodying this temporary law of division is a powerful skill that leads to one having many harmonious first impressions. I believe that the simple first impressions and peaceful interactions that one experiences in life are what have a big effect unto the world. For there are many instances that one comes into their life where they get to choose to be consciously knowledgeable or impulsively-ignorant. These are small “battles”, and the more one is sincerely conscious and aware during these times brings a ten fold of positivity forces to the world. While yes, accomplishing big goals such as opening up hospitals or partaking in other major philanthropist efforts and giving can bring positive effects. One does not realize that the very same philanthropist can be unconscious and ignorant and step on many others back and exist with malevolent behavior. For the many small battles to one are not known and not sincerely and consciously approached. This earlier stated opposition and polarization is where the modern day human with their modern day sense-minds implement good and bad, right and wrong in everything and everyone. This is a doing of the human sense-mind, this is a being of the modern day divided unconscious ignorance in humans. As I said this division is necessary for life experience and life-play. This division is necessary for the lessons and time-space happenings occurring in this very present-moment. But in essence, duality is nowhere to be found and where it is to be found there is no right or wrong or good and bad. In the the current timeline of the Earth, falsehood and deception have caused man to create these lower-truth labels. While yes we do know the difference of what it feels like to exist in Bliss, but that is our natural inner-being momentarily in contact with the Truth. The confusion comes in to play when we notice the effects of lower emotion and mental forces. For the Higher-Truths of life lie in unity and indivisibility. The Higher-Truths of life are Delightful and whole, the world is a one-manifestation inevitably becoming to its Peaceful Absoluteness. Supreme-Integrity.

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