Resenting and Hating Other-Selfs

If we can imagine for this time being while I write this and you read it. That if all is really one and the universe is absolute and in its most powerful and highest being harmonious and omniscient. Then if we want to align to that and get as close as possible to having that essence in our individuality than it is important to be very mindful of who we resent and who are what we hate. Now of course it is difficult to keep this being and concentration day by day, second by second as one endeavors in this spontaneous existence. But with practice, perseverance, and sincerity it is only inevitable that through experience and time in this Space-Time realm we can master this eventually. But for now if we want to be in harmony with the Supreme Joyful ultimate vibration of Unity and indivisibleness then it only seems logical that by feeling and thinking of lower energies and vibrations such as Hate and Resentment we in effect change our vibration to a lower state of existence. When people, places, or things test our essence of Truth and we respond and even worse hold low vibrations of hate and resentment than we are automatically giving our True Higher power within us away. We are letting a “piece” of our wholistic delicious pie be eaten by ignorant forces. The more people we hate and if we look at our past relationships with other-selfs with a negative vision such as resentfulness than we are drawing away our Life-Force/Life-Power/Life-Energy. If we then take the word I used at the beginning of this sharing, imagine, and instead replace it with Be. Be that oneness that is both embodying our individuality and our multiplicity of everyone and everything than we come into power and in alignment with the Absolute Consciousness. For everything and everyone is this, the “good” and the “bad”. The “pain and suffering” and the Joy and Peace. Everything is intermingling and co-existing among and within each and all. We have the choice to embrace this wholly or partially. No one can tell you nor I what to do or which portion to vibrate with. If all opposites and divided materialities are in essence one then it makes sense to me I want to be as close as possible to this oneness that I can possibly be. And there may be times where life hits us with roadblocks and we have no choice but to flow with this current happening.. but then there comes a time where we can choose how we react and remember these happenings. And by choosing Hate and Resentment we unconsciously keep our self in lower states of vibration because all is within all and it is disempowering to keep our consciousness in these lower states. By unconditionally accepting everything and everyone we align more to Love. For Life is Love and Love is Life…Truly. But perhaps life and love is another topic for next time..

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