We Unconsciously Limit Ourselves

It seems certain to me that most people in todays society limit their selfs to both the given labels that they have acquired through outside endeavors and the personal labels they have given their-self and to which they hold onto very tightly. Some acquired self-labels for example are things like our careers. I am a doctor. I am a dentist. I am a lawyer. I am a plumber. I am a mechanic. I am a real estate agent. Other labels one believes to have are personal labels such as values, morals, and ethics. I am caring. I am good. I am bad. I am honest. I am coercive. I am funny. I am stupid. Both type of labels whether they are positive or negative have their place and can be useful in certain happenings and in certain situations. But I find that more of the time than not these labels limit us. For example, if I believe myself to be a doctor who has graduated from a highly-rated University I will believe and let my egotistical self become unshakeable to another’s perception of health-knowledge. Of course it depends on the type of person this doctor is, but for the most part they will hold this label very close to them and disregard others viewpoints. Yes, the doctor has studied and knows certain things that one who does not have a degree does not know. But at the same time this world and the self are eternally evolving and progressing and is subjective and relative to both the self, other-selfs, and nature-self. To many people put all of their trust and beliefs into a doctors idea-formation without even doing their own due diligence. There are many reasons for this but to generalize one reason is simply because most people dislike inconvenience. People will tend to take things at face-value rather than ‘reading between the lines’. Misdiagnosis and medical error is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. We are currently in a time where we are making vast improvements and discoveries in the health industry, but this is done so on very limited means. These advancements and discoveries are limited. How so you ask? Well in a society where the understanding of life, self, and nature are both confusing and limited to the general public this causes many limitative idea-forms not only for the person who has formed this perception but also to the others who unconsciously allow themselves to believe in this one idea-form out of the unlimited possibilities that one is capable of creating. Society draws objectivity and truth to beliefs and idea-forms that seem to be correct and true to the vast majority of other people. In other words.. they only believe this and that because more people believe in this over that. To over-generalize lets take a hundred people. This group of a hundred people are on a bridge and ninety of them all at once jump off the bridge while only ten of them stay back. This is their logic, it is not stupid, but ignorant? Yes. Of course to the one jumping off the bridge they are unconsciously doing so because superficially it seems ‘right’ since everyone else is doing it. I share with you now the response my mother would give to me when she would ask me why I did something I was not suppose to do. My excuse when I was a child to why I did something I was not supposed to do was, “I did it because so and so did it.” To which she would tell me, “If so and so jumped off a bridge would you too?” My mother said this intuitively to me and it is quite funny because she is hypocritical when it comes to that statement. For she does not even understand the depth and Truth in it. I am not being disrespectful I am just being Truthful, it only sounds like I am disrespecting her because you do not understand our relationship to each other and all of the other information needed to see why I have said what I said. That is a whole ‘nother topic in its own and I am not going to get into that at this moment. Anyways, as I was saying.. this bridge question was more than a question. She was unconsciously describing me as a person. I didn’t know it in and through the past times of my life but I was always the one who did not ‘jump off the bridge’ because I saw everyone else doing it. I did not follow the peers around me and was always the odd one out. Now a lot of people like to claim this and a lot of people will falsely say they were never followers. But the people who go around telling others about this when it is unnecessary and only being said to boost their ego are not sincerely that. I understand I may sound contradicting to the reader but let me further explain myself.. this life of being the odd one out and not having mob mentality is not what it seems. I can only speak about it in Sincerity because I have been able to come out of the darkness for which it consequently puts one through. When i was younger and separated, lonely, bullied, teased, looked down upon, low self-esteem, depressed, low self-worth and many other negative idea-forms I had of myself. At a young age, one does not choose to be different. At a young age one does not get to make the choice of not being like the others. I was just.. living. Existing. And due to both physical and mental reasons I was the kid who did not fit in and in effect this led me to question myself deeply and to be confused as to why I am the way I am. From a young age I have always thought deeply about myself and the world around me, what else was there to do when you had hardly any friends to connect with and did not fit in with any crowd throughout the entire course of grade-school. I have briefly shared this with you all to give a slight awareness as to why not following the other blindly leads one down a path of temporary suffering. Fast forward to the now. In this present moment and in this time I still do not ‘fit in’. But my limited idea-forms and labels I once had of myself are not the representation of the being and consciousness I embody today. For all the years and all the steps taken down that pathway of self-limiting and suffering have brought me immense Joy and Gratitude today. The pain and suffering were necessary, if I could go back and change one thing I would change no thing, For these past happenings have brought me to a consciousness that is indescribable and ultimately cannot be understood by words. I can do my very best to explain precisely yes, but that would than turn into a novel lol. Also it is something that can be better understood when one has experienced what I am writing about because I understand that I am not the only one who has gone through the inevitable consequences that come about when one is not a ‘follower’. There are many others as well. If one is a follower that does not make them any less or not as ‘good’ as me. I do not think like that at all, for I believe that we are all unique individuals whether we have group mentality are not. We are all teachers and learners upon this vast and unlimited mysterious existence. A label of any kind and all kinds is very important to understand. For depending on the plane of our consciousness these labels can limit us for the worse or for the better. The choice is ours.

POSTSCRIPT: This is a journal style writing. Or what I like to refer as, intuitive writing. I wrote this in a mode of self-expression but at the same time altering my expression to be understood by the one reading. No corrections, no edits, no read-backs. I will just allow it to be as is.

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