Motivation & Will-Power

Motivation and will-power are two topics that contain numerous subtopics within its explanation. And from my perception I would say that both will-power and motivation can come from external stimuli and internal experiences and realizations. Motivation is not a simple black and white subject to understand. If one were to go to YouTube and search “How to become motivated”, there will be (for a majority of the videos at least) a multitude of short-length videos giving mentalized steps that one must know and understand to become motivated. I am not saying that this is wrong but it is only addressing one part of our Selfs and not the many other parts that are intermixing and fluctuating together to make up our true entire being. One having this knowledge of motivation within the mind (this is our mental being) can certainly bring a temporary burst and feeling of motivation. But, as I said earlier, motivation is not only a complex quality to understand and know but to also live, act, and be with that knowledge uninterruptedly throughout one’s life is quite difficult. I believe if this were not so than it would be easy-peezy for the majority of society to Become and get things done and sow the seeds now so it may reap its fruits later. A key fact to understand about motivation is that one cannot live and act in this quality if they do not understand and have the knowledge of will-power. Will-power is the core and basis of motivation. If one lacks or only puts forth a small portion of their will-power then there may be a high chance and correlation of that person feeling unmotivated. When a person thinks of and is trying to become motivated they will end up coming to the realization that it is the intelligent-will-power that brings the quality of motivation in its most secure way. The intelligent-will (buddhi) of the human and its ability to discern this from that is what makes us superior to our lower nature of our animal-Self. If I were to try and explain this along with the multiple parts of our being, as I had mentioned earlier, this short-essay would transform into a novel. For the time being one may read what I have expressed here and reflect upon it, and if it has given you more insight on the seemingly ever-confusing topic of motivation than may one acknowledge their step upwards and onwards within their life-path.

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