Inner & Outer Knowledge

A commonality of the self experiencing life is that we are constantly being pulled outwardly to discover the self, other-selfs, and nature. While at the same time the very same consciousness is being pulled inward waiting for the veil to lift and for the door to be willingly discovered and walked through. Our sense-mind is real and also very useful here in a 21st century world where materiality is highly responsible for evolution and progressive idea-forms and scientific discoveries. Due to the basis of the reality of our senses we tend to look at our selfs as a civilization that is farther advanced and highly intellectual compared to any other civilization that has come before us. This is the effect of the half-truth education that is thought in all American schools. While the modern day education system in America is not completely useless, there are partial-truths mixed in with Truths. This ultimately confuses the self and draws ill idea-forms that are based on false preconceptions, superficial studies only, and separative cognitive conditioning. The sense-mind has to willingly unlearn or at least broaden their consciousness to other possible idea-forms in order for reality to be less confusing. Just as we willingly consumed and allowed the misinformation in we must use the same will-power to alter and adapt new idea-forms and truth that align more to the essence of self, other-selfs, and Nature Earth. The ego-self does not like the thoughts nor feelings that are experienced when one begins to allow their consciousness to broaden. For it challenges it and makes it feel uncomfortable due to the unknown steps it unconsciously foresees has to be taken. When one has spent their whole life creating this outer ego and superficial self it can be painful to discover higher truths that naturally shift the ego-self to a mode of transcendence and self-discovery. It is commonly misunderstood that everyone and everything is limited in expressions. We form half-truth rules, morals, and ethics that divide us from the unlimited and endless potentialities that exist in the deeper forms of everything and everyone. The normal modern day societal collective perception also often leaves the individual to feel and think with a conscious that labels the self, other-selfs, and Earth Nature. We say, “This is that” and “That is this.” While this may be true it is also true that “This and that” are not separate nor limited to being only “That and This”. The modern day collective cognition does not fully understand Trust due to half truths taught not only to society through childhood conditioning but also because of the constant consumption of everyday media. This is far from any ‘Conspiracy’ for one only uses this label when their beliefs and preconceptions are being challenged to realize higher truths. These people who throw around the conspiracist label are unconsciously lacking willed self-evolution. Their consciousness is very small and it is not worth the time or effort to try and alter their perspective for they have all the right to be limited and bias if that’s what they choose to do. This is their truth and if they do not want to progress and concentrate their consciousness to a more wholistic integral knowing than one must let them peacefully be. But problems start the be formed when the self interacts with other-selfs who possess a limited consciousness. Other-selfs who do not embrace a wider span of consciousness often argue with the self who knows that everything in life does not have to be learned through the senses and that learning of history and the people there of are necessary for societies advancement. While yes one can learn many things from studying past other-selfs and events, the modern day self often forgets to trust in their self and the constantly evolving mind they possess. The world is a becoming and when one is constantly studying the past happenings they are unknowingly disregarding the current existing consciousness. If one were to take a moment and trust in thyself and trust in the universe they would soon come to realize that in this present moment a large majority of answers lie within and just beneath our superficial self. But one who cares about what society thinks of them and unconsciously follows the rules and preconceived ideas that are accepted they do not allow their selfs to Trust these ever-present inner knowings.

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