Have No Regrets

This may sound negative to most but in a higher truth sometimes the negative side of things is a better teacher than the positive. Having said that, I believe to have regrets of one’s past is to not realize the higher Truth of life. The One Manifestation of life gives us situations, catalyst, and happenings and we react how we are meant to in those present moments. So to say I wish I could go back and change this or tell myself that would effect our present self and is a sign of not unconditionally accepting the path we have already been down which has made us who we are today. That is not to say we don’t learn from our past and can share those teachings with others, but to “regret” our past self is limiting. That mentality will continue and one will say what do I regret about my 30s,40s,50s etc. Subjective idea-forms of the mind create distorted morals and ethics that are relevant to each individual. Life is an involution and evolution of consciousness throwing up forces and movements we consciously or subconsciously react to in each perceived second of the day. Regret nothing for when the time of transition comes and this body shall cast away one may ascend with Grace.

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