Modern Day Kings and Queens

Why should one care who the modern day Kings and Queens are? I believe this is important question for the youth, young adults, and adults to understand. One should be conscious and not in the ignorance because modern day Kings and Queens are an easy yet unrecognizable way for manipulation, coercion, and confusion to enter our lives. A majority of modern society today is being heavily influenced unconsciously by the persons who seem to have our best interests at hearts, but in reality the information they push into our conscious is often mis-information that keeps us away from our true higher individualized selfs.

If one were to study parts of our history dating back to the times of Kings and Queens, one would realize there was a point in times where Kings and Queens ruled over the whole society. It was the king or queen who had the say so and it was the king or queen who formed idea-forms, rules, and regulations that a majority of society not only had to follow but blindly followed out of fear and in order to not be executed. Obviously the idea of kings and queens in a modern society here in the West is not active anymore partly due to the idea that one persons say is the be all and end all for everyone else. On the surface level of the mind this seems illogical and outright “unfair”. Returning back to our current state in time we have a democracy where we the people hold the ultimate power. Well.. at least that is what we all have been told since we were too young to remember.

The conscious of society has risen and past kings and queens have been eradicated due to us realizing we all have individual rights. Now this is simple and straight forward to understand. But what is way more confusing and complicated for the mind to understand is that kings and queens in fact still do exist but they are not labeled with the word king/queen. I want to make this very clear that this is not a conspiracy theory nor an act of the new age Truther movements you see today. I am just stating briefly what most people are not able to understand due to how deep of an understanding one must come to. This can go off to many different sub-topics and I could give plenty of higher truths and higher knowledge that would triumph the lower-truths and falsehood that is intermingled in with the truths that the majority of society is conscious of. As time goes on I will write with precision about these topics thus making it its own topic that is explained thoroughly enough for it to have its own post. But for now I shall keep this writing rather short and continue on with who these modern day kings and queens are and why its important to be aware of this if one chooses to do so.

So who are the modern day kings and queens? To simply answer, anyone who has has fame and power. For example, most highly influential celebrities, humanitarians, actors, sports players, signed contract labeled artists such as rappers and other musicians. Perhaps there are some ‘good’ “kings and queens” and just because someone is famous or is highly influential does not mean they are a modern day king or queen. But there are many “kings and queens” that are only in a place of recognition due to them giving up their ability to share their all-expressive true beliefs. Now one might be thinking right now well what does that have to do with me? In today’s modern society a vast majority of society is in tune, unconsciously, and subconsciously being effected by the kings and queens lower-realities they project to us via the internet. Society is constantly being persuaded unconsciously through these people. As an adult, not all but some, may think or believe in their own idea-forms that they themselves have formed but then when your favorite celebrity (king) posts on Instagram their opposite idea-form you can unconsciously adapt to their reality, or rather try to adapt to their reality. Now most people will say, well that is not me and I know my beliefs apart from people with fame and power. That is understandable, but your child may not be able to discern between the two and is far more easily persuaded to lower-truths and lower-realities. For example, it is not random that rap is the number one music genre in the current times. Unoriginal, uncreative, contract label-signed rap artists often boast money, fame, lust, and violence. Young adults in and even older adults get caught up in the realities and blindly and unconsciously are influenced by these ill-formed ideas. These modern day kings and queens (artists) have millions of followings and are limited to what they can say and do. These artists are not even the one’s writing their songs. Now I am not saying that one should not listen to rap music of course not, but instead I am bringing the knowledge forward of the reality of the numerous corrupt industries that are against higher-truths and higher-knowledge and if one decides to become conscious of the information than good for them. For I respect one who does or does not insist on wanting to become conscious of these things, that is their free-will and obviously this article is not for them. But back to why one would insist on becoming conscious of the modern day kings and queens. I mentioned that children are highly susceptible to outside peer idea-forms and depending on who they are influenced by they may try to become someone they are not or act, speak, and behave in ignorant ways if they lack proper guidance. It is not only children who follow their peers realities if they do not have the guidance and from their parents. Adults also want to be apart of a community and also want to fit in, for this has been a part of the human psyche since times when humans were hunters and gatherers. But through time-space our realities and consciousness has transcended and evolved and continues to do so every second of the day.

I am not stating here that one must be cautious of all the celebrities, sports players, actors, music artists and other people with fame and/or power that they keep up with, but instead become conscious of the higher-truth that there is malevolent idea-forms mixed in with benevolent idea-forms that are portrayed to society. This is what makes it very confusing for one to even consider yet understand. As an individual in the collective society we have our own beliefs, realities, and ideas that help us live day by day and strive us with aim towards an ever becoming. For most people these realities we perspire with make our life more joyous and peaceful rather than causing unnecessary suffering and confusion to our lives. As individuals with a higher-knowledge conscious of the ignorant-knowledge that is subliminal on the surface reality of things, it is important to be aware of the modern day “Kings and Queens” so one must not veer off of their path of higher-truths.

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