Please…Do Not Try Hard to be Like The Others

Please…Do Not Try Hard to be Like The Others

Hello Everybody. Today I want to give a simple yet very important reminder to you all on being like our peers. Now they say there are roughly eight billion people on the planet, whether that is true or not is beside the point. You and I know that at least from experience and being in large cities there are more than enough people here in this reality. With a large population a wide selection of diverse cultures, peers, and groups are formed. Naturally, in our instincts we feel an urge to ‘fit in’ or embrace the common saying of “birds of the same feather flock together”, or however it goes. It is true, at least for the majority of society, that like attracts like and we tend to get along and are more comfortable being around people who present a similar type of being that is related to ours.

Now, when I say do not try hard to be like the others I do not mean it in a way of.. “Oh, I’m so different and better than everybody.” Or I do not intend to come off as all knowing, or “I know myself and these others do not.” For this is simply ignorant due to the truth of the ever-changing universe we live in. One cannot simply say “I know who I am one hundred percent!” Even the Buddha (enlightened one) cannot state this. Just as the universe is eternally evolving the same goes for our being. We are adaptive creatures by nature and to change with the seasons, sunsets, and sunrises is a sure way to diminish suffering.

From a young age (around grade third or fourth) I started to take notice on how I no longer felt a sense of belonging like I had in first and second grade. (Which is due to the personality being molded as kids grow older and older, before this starts to occur I believe kids get along and are more receptacle on making and meeting new friends. Kids at a young age intuitively embrace an all-accepting being towards other kids.) I went from having friends to not being able to connect to the kids the same way they connected with the other kids. In my later elementary grade school years I had one friend who was known as the kid who didn’t have any friends. I even remember not wanting to be seen with him or having other people know we were friends because of my idea-form of caring too much about what other people thought about me. This continued until my Junior year of high school. Even through middle school I still felt a sense of being disconnected from the others like me because the only two friends I had were actually a grade below me. And when you bring it to your attention now, no one in middle school embraces the fact of having friends that are in a lower grade level than them. It goes without being said, it is just “uncool”. (When brought to our attention, grade school has a way of making oneself feel superior to others due to their grade level. For the most part, this is unconsciously going through the mind of a grade school student.) This idea-form of trying to ‘fit in’ continues on through high school and even thereafter. Unconsciously grown adults still have the mentality of ‘Trying to Keep Up With The Johnsons’. For those of you who relate, we spend this whole time of our lives trying to ‘fit in’, wondering why we do not ‘fit in.’ In effect, we feel and experience separation and loneliness. This can lead one to search for an external healer, that for the most part is detrimental to our being. Fortunately for me I choose video games as my outlet and addiction. Through online gaming I was able to feel less alone. I also used gaming to get away from the world and others, I was addicted. I am grateful for not choosing hard-drugs, suicide, or other more harmful external remedies to sooth my suffering. Others may involve themselves in these experiences and to compare traumas is futile because it is the similar emotions and modes of being one experiences that matters.  

While there are indeed many people who have felt and experienced this mode of separation from a young age, there are numerous amounts of people who have not. For all of you who can relate to me, when we look back at our suffering we can now see that it had to be so. For through our suffering we have gained an insight, a very powerful insight of individuality. This individuality is not to be confused with a boastful or narcissistic attitude. But rather being conscious of the fact that while we are all the same, we still have the ability to choose and embrace the multiplicity of our individualities. (This is complementary and not a contradiction) But when one only follows others and goes through the cyclical societal phases as everyone else does, life remains confusing and painful. People grow old and remain almost the same person their whole lives. People unconsciously adapt to society and the half-truth reality of existence. They will spend a lot of their time focusing on how others perceive them. It is also possible to be at the other end of the spectrum which involves one who goes around trying to be likeable by everyone. Many are tuned in socially through social media yet disconnected from their selves and their physical reality. And countless others will be okay with remaining the same. This is not surprising though, look at how we have been conditioned to believe that “People never change”. Or take notice on how society is too comfortable with keeping the same group of friends because of the false belief that to make new friends or change your peer group is ‘unreal’. This idea is subliminal and unconsciously embraced by the majority of society. Music is proof of this, observe the lyrics and song titles of Drake, one of the most popular artists in the world. Songs like ‘No New Friends’, and lyrics relating to that message are precisely expressed in his work. (That is just one example for one group of people out of many others) The majority of Society unconsciously look to the external world for guidance and Joy. If one unconsciously moves throughout their entire lives they may end up with the ‘wrong’ crowd, or they may later in life end up experiencing an existential crisis, aka mid-life crises.

What is to be done? As society becomes more conscious of their being, they will question their reality, their friends, their peers, their history, the universe, and most importantly their selves. We will come to find that this half-truth existence we now live in is truly infinite and illimitable. We cannot simply say ‘It is this” or “It is that”. For it is this and it is that and so much more all at the same time. We must not embrace our limited thought-ideas and choose to console with the part as the whole of things. We must begin by going within and establishing an intrarelationship. One will have to engage in a self-work to develop a self-vision. And through this self-vision a self-knowledge will manifest and consequently form, from which we may draw our individuality and connect to others more in line with our true-existence.

How Simple Tasks Like Driving Affect Our Well-Being

If we think deeply about traffic or negative road experiences we will come to see that it can be labeled as a determinate and revealer of suffering within an individual. A person who at that moment is suffering and or going through some sort of pain will project their being out unto others if he/she is provoked by an external event. For how can it be otherwise? People allow such minuet things to effect their lives. One lousy honk at a person driving who is suffering and they will pull beside you and maliciously stare you down while speeding off eventually with their middle finger seeable through the back window.

I will admit to you all, I use to project my anger out onto others when I would drive ALOT. They’re driving to slow? -Get mad, unnecessarily speak ill upon them for no reason, proceed to pass them up. They cut ME off? -Take it personal, get angry, and proceed to cut them back off. They pull out in slowly in front of me? -Furiously honk, speed up and pass them up while flicking them off. One day I was texting a friend of mine and she could tell through my diction that I was angry and called me out on it. I was angry, and it was all because some older lady was honking unnecessarily at me. She called me out for such behavior and said that I was being unloving. And me being ignorant and not taking responsibility for my unnecessary responses, I quickly denied her conscious advice and told myself she did not know what she was talking about. It took another experience for me to realize that I must control my negative impulses better when I am on the road. One day I was leaving class and was trying to back up out of my parking spot. This community college I went to had their parking in a multi-leveled garage so at certain times it would get very congested. Well, as I waited for a spot to clear open and back up I was not let out by some guy. My impatient self became frustrated and was looking through my back window while cursing him out and flicking him off. This guy was not having it and literally got out of his car and came up to my window screaming at me while insisting that we fight. Although I was not necessarily frightened by him, I was not angry nor reactive enough to get out of my car and physically hit him. Although I did feel an urge to want to give in and start a fight due to his proving insults, I suddenly realized that I caused the whole situation in the first place. The guy finally stopped angrily speaking to me, spat, and walked backed to his car. This event made me realize how easy it is to experience serious ‘road rage’ and how my behavior can quickly determine and trigger others pain and suffering. From that moment forward I told myself I would not be flicking random people off and be more conscious of my actions while I drive. This experience could of ended in another a whole different way if I had been a bit more impulsive and fought the man. I probably would have ended up getting arrested, shot, or even worse killed and would not be here typing this today. Life is so indeterminable and people are very impulsive. Especially people who are deeply in a temporary mode of pain and suffering. These types of people have no problem with fighting or hurting a random stranger like you and I. For people who are more sincere towards other they will still be angry and project that anger out onto the road other drivers, but they are less likely to cause a scene. If you really want to see how well someone such as a friend/ significant other can hold their composer and not let other people’s character dictate and have control over them, watch how they drive. Simple as that. There will be many happenings on the road where the driver’s inner self will be tested and their reactions will tell you a lot about them. For if a person is calm, relaxed, and well grounded how can they be moved by such ignorant actions from others. Such a person won’t even speak or think ill upon others while driving, even though there may seem reason to, their quiescent inner being will not react.

I realize now and have even taken a conscious step forward to try and not be moved by the ignorant driving of others. I will not allow my being to be controlled by another’s negative choice. It is so. We do not even realize that we lose our self for a moment and we let these unconscious drivers take control of our lives. The only true everlasting fix to this problem in society is not enforcing laws or regulations, but to get rid of the pain and the suffering at it’s core. This is on a whooooole ‘nother level of consciousness and requires much more action that just sitting here and typing. I do have faith though that it is possible, not to say when… but I know.. this is possible.

Live How YOU Want to Live

Hello everyone. Today I would like to briefly write about how many of us, (myself included) can sometimes let the wants and needs of others around us influence our decisions in life too much. There are many different variables and subjective ways to approach and conceive this reality-idea due to every person having different life existences and levels of consciousness. So.. if you can connect with what I am about to write here you already have the necessary means to adapt and change.

Lets briefly go back.. back to our ages of around one through seven years old. During this time of our childhood is when our brain and being is the most susceptible to our environment. We don’t just learn by mommy and daddy telling us not to touch the hot stove, we actually learn more by just simply watching and being around our parent(s)/guardian(s). There is a whole explanation for this but for now this can be proven if we just look at nature and a little bit of science. In nature, young animals will watch the mother animal hunt and track down their prey. The animal learns by simply being in the moment and observing the outside. And for all the materialists out there this can also be proven if you understand the basics of mirror neurons. Okay.. now that we understand that we now can come to the realization that our mind in our early childhood is almost in a hypnotic state of being. Our brain waves are literally in a set mode that makes us susceptible to outside influences. This is when our beliefs, preconceptions, and conditioning develop. And depending on our guardian(s) most us will have very limitative modes of consciousness due to the simple reality of Societal’s deep psychological programming. Now of course all of our lives are not the same and we all have different experiences of trauma and ways we adapt to this trauma determinate. Some of us may have had horrible childhoods while some have not. Either way though, it is not healthy nor beneficial to have a victim-mentality and compare traumas. For the overall feelings and emotions of our negative childhoods can be seen as equal and one in the same, just the experience varies. Sadness is felt as sadness, loneliness is felt as loneliness, insecurity is felt as insecurity. Although most of these experiences are not asked for, we do have the power to choose how we react and adapt to our past and present-moment circumstances. (This statement alone is a very powerful fact and one must understand and embody this in their being) Throughout our child-hood, teen-hood, and even into our early twenties we are told what to do. We are given morals, values, and ethics that have formed the mind we possess now. Most of us are aware of the simple rules and laws, aware of the ‘common courtesy’ ideas, and aware of the ‘rights and wrongs’. Now although of-course these idea-forms are important for a ‘ethical’ society, but they may be very deceiving to the creative individual. Society try’s to make it seem like EVERYONE wants to or should go to college, get the degree, find that perfect lover, purchase that white-picked fenced home, have that beautiful child and live happily ever after. Now to a lot of people this sounds promising, this sounds secure. But to the person who knows for themselves that life has waaaay more to offer they will question and find this forced idea confusing and limiting. For ALLLLL our lives especially our early ages we are told what to do and how to act. We begin to do and say things that we do not want to do or say, and we simultaneously do not do and say the things we truly want to say or do. Reluctance takes over our life. This in effect can create problems with our relationships with others, our jobs, careers, hobbies, free-time, and most importantly ourselves. Life becomes EVEN MORE confusing than it already is!

Let us remember today that nature-reality is not as we think it is. But in a confusing and complementary way it IS what we think it is. Truly, there are no rules here. Truly there are no laws, ethics, morals, values and other limited idea-forms here. What may seem to be justifiable in one circumstance may be completely wicked in another. For the death penalty can be given to a murderer but medals and accolades will be given to soldiers. You possess the power within to live the life you want and become the person you foresee. You set the boundaries in a boundless Universe. And only you can change your current mode of being and environment to what aligns with what you truly want at this moment. Go into the unknown, go into the delight.

“Practice What You Preach”

Practice what you preach, the saying goes. But what really is the meaning of this phrase that many of us have heard? Most would say it means to not just talk about something are talk about a mode of being, but to actually embrace it, to live it. Most would agree it is ten times easier to think and say something to another person than to just be and let your actions do the ‘speaking’ for you. The Supreme Truth is not expressed through words, Supreme Truth is unspoken, silence; peaceful.

We all know that person or persons that constantly talk about either what they are doing in their life, what type of characteristics they believe themselves to possess, and how important their values, morals, and ethics are to them. They important word to draw our attention to in the last sentence is ‘TALK’. Many of us I’m sure have gone to these types of people for advise or are just simply having a conversation with them and when we are sitting there listening to their empty words we feel this sense of bologna. lol Aka B.S. Although what they might be saying is true to an extent we cannot help but think how the person speaking to us does not even embody what they are saying. They instead believe the lies they tell themselves. This in my opinion takes time, concentration, and a little bit of intuition to recognize. Some of us can pick it up on the spot while some of us cannot. We tend to go to the wrong people for our problems, feelings, and sufferings. We continue to absorb the information given to us by somebody who does not even themselves take in and be what they speak. For example imagine going to a poor person and asking them how to get rich. Or take for example a more serious life issue like going to someone who is constantly angry with themselves and the world and asking how to find peace. Depending on the person and their consciousness who is doing the speaking they might possibly give you sound advice. But this advice is only a partial truth, for how can a confused man truly speak and relay a message of equanimity? They simply, cannot.

I believe it is very important to embody and be as you are. Do not just say what you are, SHOW what you are! This showing what we are is not out of pride nor a self given golden pedestal we put ourself on, but instead a true force of what we are from within.

Sadness/Anxiety Fad

Hello everyone. Today I would like to share my opinion with all of you on the sensitive topic of ‘faking’ sadness and anxiety. Now before I began to share with you all what I have noticed over the span of a couple of years I want it to be clear that in no way am I trying to compare traumas or outright say people do not ‘authentically’ feel sad or anxious.

“Nowadays its funny cause the kids are faking sadness. But theres really nothing fun about being stuck in your room for a hundred days and a hundred nights wishing you can relate to the people outside.” This is a quote from one of my favorite artists that was said towards the end of his song, I have included it here due to it’s resonance within me and the truth of what is happening on social media. In the year of twenty-nineteen I decided to put a stop to the endless and meaningless observation of others through the social media apps of twitter, snapchat, and instagram. (I can write a blog about that another day going more in depth on what I learned and noticed after quitting social media for a year) But before I stopped observing peers through social media scrolling I noticed how there were many people on twitter who take serious problems such as sadness and anxiety and falsely exploit them. I would go down my twitter feed an notice how people are purposely wanting to feel sad or anxious. I don’t know.. it’s kind of hard to describe what I mean because I cannot sit here and write down word for word the posts that give off a sense of attention seeking behavior that derives off of this sadness and anxiety. But, on another note one can understand what I mean when we start to look at the modern day youth culture. The entertainment, artists, and even clothing designers take this very serious pain and try to make a couple bucks out of it. This in effect can subconsciously make the observer think, “Oh if I want to have that or be like that I must act like this” *Puts on Anti Social Social Club sweatshirt* The Majority of society follow others and want to be cool like the others. They imitate and act in ways that will make them belong, or at least make them THINK they belong. Now I am not saying that some of these people are not truly feeling sadness or anxiety, for they certainly can fill anxiety and sadness and post about it. But I believe there are very few people who openly express their feelings of sadness and anxiety as they are experiencing it. People who feel sadness and anxiety on a deep, dark, and suffering emotional level do not want to share that pain with others. In the moment when one truly feels and is experiencing this mode of existence they want nothing to do with others and certainly have no intention of being vulnerable online about it. From experience, when I was going through this mode of being I never expressed it to anyone. I was lonely. I was hurt. I was weak. And I could not find the courage within to let anyone know about this, because even if I did, I had at that time this false belief within that it wouldn’t solve are take it away anyways. I am only now able to express this experience because I have endured and spawned out of this false mode of existence. I have allowed myself to become grounded and more whole with nature and with myself. This takes time though, and depending on the person and their level of consciousness this can either be a sudden revampedment or a life long awaitment. And for others it may never happen because they choose not to face it for what it is.

Either way, one must know or will come to know this is only a false temporary mode of existence. And if you feel like it is forever, which it does feel like it will be ‘forever’, than I am here to tell you it is not and your are here to hear it is not so. Faith.

Our Worlds and Our Partial Truths

Hello everyone. Today I will like to share with you all a very important topic. Our truths and how are truths determine our world. Most of you here reading this know that “The world does not revolve around you.” This is a wide-known saying that many people are aware of. But if we stop for a second to ponder and question this saying we will find it to be only a partial truth that can be quite misleading..

What most people mean by saying the world does not revolve around you is that your opinion of how you perceive reality and its determinates is not the same as the guy next door, so don’t try and push your beliefs unto him. While I do agree with this at a certain level, I would more so say that I disagree. I disagree for one because most people who say this won’t even spend the time to really break down this saying and see through each word. They just hear it, learn it, and run along with its limitative message. Lets look at the key words used here; world and you. These words are very powerful and can be confusing to the mind. To truly understand the saying one must first understand the world and themselves. (That already can be scary to some as it sounds, causing them to unconsciously take what they hear and not question it ). The majority of society has their partial truths that in which they think they believe is the whole truth just because many others are in sync with it. This is a partial truth in itself because one who is aware of the ignorance knows that to follow and join the crowd is to abandon and mislead oneself. Now I am not saying I understand the world and myself one hundred percent, for that is extremely rare and probably has not yet been realized in our current timeline, but what I can say is that I know not to believe hearsay. A mindfull (not mindful) societal person is a “monkey see monkey do” type. They don’t truly question reality and even more importantly themselves. They take their preconceived, conditioned, and superficial mind and believe, “this is what must be for this is what I know.” Now I am not saying this is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ but it IS limiting. Our world is limitless! Our world is infinite! How we perceive the world and even more importantly ourselves matters more than what Society currently can see. (And to the extreme materialist, this is starting to emerge even more in what is know as quantum physics).

One can say that the world DOES indeed revolve around us. For if the world is limitless in potentialities and infinite in its determinates then we as human beings possess that very intrinsic nature in ourselves. We all are living our own truths which consequently effects our world. Some truths may be partial while others may be supreme, but the key thing to abide and live by is not to interfere with others free will. If more of us can be that (not just think that way) the world will in effect become more and more harmonious.

Writers Block and Its Limitations

Writer’s Block. We all have at least at some point in our life experienced this mode of limitation. Most of us first experienced this blockage while we were in grade school. Teachers would present us with the most absurd and boring topics (almost purposely sometimes?) and expect us to have a page in a half done by the end of a certain time. Naturally, our mind starts to race as we sit in our chair and fiddle with our pencil..

For the longest I never felt comfortable while writing. I guess you could say it was because I would find myself sitting there with so many thoughts swarming my consciousness overwhelmingly. By the time I knew it thirty minutes had passed and I am still looking down at a blank sheet of paper while subconsciously feeling like a failure. I remember being in class during these quiet writing sessions and looking at everyone and noticing their progression as their pens swiftly moved along the paper. Now as I look back on it my mind was racing with thoughts and thinking too deep on such boring and mundane writing topics. Now I see it for what it’s true-reality is. And as far fetch as this might sound to others I would even say that public school purposely requires lessons and topics that subliminally create limitations in one’s mind. Writer’s block would naturally appear all throughout grade school for me. From elementary all the way to high school graduation. Especially in high school, where we as beginners learned how to write in a certain limitative way. “Oh have this here, mention that there, don’t forget to include this and that.” Now I understand some of this knowledge is useful in structuring and making our papers intriguable, but at the same time it poses great limitations to us and our natural ability to just let our words flow out. Teachers expect novice writers to learn and begin to write like pros. Who’s to say someone is a pro writer or an A+ writer just because they can follow a set of rules and regulations? The guy up in Harvard who writes ‘oh so etiquettely’ does so at a cost. Most of our intuitive and creative flow of writing is diminished once we start trying to conform to society’s learned way of writing.

From our structure, words, pronunciation, and even delivery. To truly write and express ourselves requires us to get into a mode of existence to where the words flow out as simply as water casting down a river. Effort through effortlessness becomes known. One will find that as soon as you drop any idea of proper writing conformities you will begin to feel this natural urge within to express. If you ask me I believe true writing does not come from the mind nor from a mind of knowledge that has been conditioned to be and think a certain way. This is why as I now write this blog and many others to come I do not put so much pressure on my mind, for natural and truth consequently manifest in my word-forms you now read.

P.S. If you have noticed I may have written some words here that some would say are not even words..but who’s to say what words are words and which words are not? That would be a whole ‘nother topic in itself.

Modern Day’s ‘Cancel Culture’

Hello everybody. As I sit here and share my perspective with you all I would like to discuss my view point on today’s ‘Cancel Culture’. Considering this is my first post I feel it is not only right to discuss such an important topic as such but also much needed for the people who suffer and deal with the ignorant view point of ‘cancelling’ someone right out due to what has been said or done yesterday, last week, last year, and even a decade ago.

What even is ‘Cancel Culture’? What is this fad that people on social media speak of and act on? This phrase that people cyberally throw around? “You are cancelled” “Oh wow, look everyone so and so said this a TEN years ago, they are ‘cancelled’.” To me this new age cancel culture is nothing but a resentful and unforgiving mode of existence. Now of course there are some cases where the person who is being ‘Cancelled’ is definitely in the wrong and has no justification towards their thoughts or actions. But on the other hand people on social media tend to forget humans are not perfect; at least not with the mind being used as its guide. We project this attitude of sainthood on everybody but ourselves. “Oh this person did that or said this, they are bad, they are wrong!” Most people on social media are blind to the fact that this whole cancelling someone due to their past actions or expressions is limiting and unforgiving. In this life most of us are not meant to say and do the “right” thing one hundred percent of the time, every-time. If one thinks this way than they themselves are diluted. How many times have you and I done or said something that we know we shouldn’t have expressed, only to want to take it back later but finally coming to the conclusion of what is said is said and what is done is done. For nothing in the past can be changed and to simply dwell or kindle on our past actions is very limiting and self-afflicting. We must take this moment and be the person we feel to be, we must occasionally cast our sight into the future and see within all of the unlimited potentialities we naturally hold.

As I began to express myself more and more on here and as time plays on I will change mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually (as we all do). Know that my mind and being is not fixed to your idea of what you have for me or yourself, neither is it fixed to my own ideas and beliefs I have of my self. I will allow myself to grow, forgive, and perspire. I wish the same to you, for being stuck in the same consciousness is simply painful and outright detrimental to our true being.