Our Worlds and Our Partial Truths

Hello everyone. Today I will like to share with you all a very important topic. Our truths and how are truths determine our world. Most of you here reading this know that “The world does not revolve around you.” This is a wide-known saying that many people are aware of. But if we stop for a second to ponder and question this saying we will find it to be only a partial truth that can be quite misleading..

What most people mean by saying the world does not revolve around you is that your opinion of how you perceive reality and its determinates is not the same as the guy next door, so don’t try and push your beliefs unto him. While I do agree with this at a certain level, I would more so say that I disagree. I disagree for one because most people who say this won’t even spend the time to really break down this saying and see through each word. They just hear it, learn it, and run along with its limitative message. Lets look at the key words used here; world and you. These words are very powerful and can be confusing to the mind. To truly understand the saying one must first understand the world and themselves. (That already can be scary to some as it sounds, causing them to unconsciously take what they hear and not question it ). The majority of society has their partial truths that in which they think they believe is the whole truth just because many others are in sync with it. This is a partial truth in itself because one who is aware of the ignorance knows that to follow and join the crowd is to abandon and mislead oneself. Now I am not saying I understand the world and myself one hundred percent, for that is extremely rare and probably has not yet been realized in our current timeline, but what I can say is that I know not to believe hearsay. A mindfull (not mindful) societal person is a “monkey see monkey do” type. They don’t truly question reality and even more importantly themselves. They take their preconceived, conditioned, and superficial mind and believe, “this is what must be for this is what I know.” Now I am not saying this is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ but it IS limiting. Our world is limitless! Our world is infinite! How we perceive the world and even more importantly ourselves matters more than what Society currently can see. (And to the extreme materialist, this is starting to emerge even more in what is know as quantum physics).

One can say that the world DOES indeed revolve around us. For if the world is limitless in potentialities and infinite in its determinates then we as human beings possess that very intrinsic nature in ourselves. We all are living our own truths which consequently effects our world. Some truths may be partial while others may be supreme, but the key thing to abide and live by is not to interfere with others free will. If more of us can be that (not just think that way) the world will in effect become more and more harmonious.

Writers Block and Its Limitations

Writer’s Block. We all have at least at some point in our life experienced this mode of limitation. Most of us first experienced this blockage while we were in grade school. Teachers would present us with the most absurd and boring topics (almost purposely sometimes?) and expect us to have a page in a half done by the end of a certain time. Naturally, our mind starts to race as we sit in our chair and fiddle with our pencil..

For the longest I never felt comfortable while writing. I guess you could say it was because I would find myself sitting there with so many thoughts swarming my consciousness overwhelmingly. By the time I knew it thirty minutes had passed and I am still looking down at a blank sheet of paper while subconsciously feeling like a failure. I remember being in class during these quiet writing sessions and looking at everyone and noticing their progression as their pens swiftly moved along the paper. Now as I look back on it my mind was racing with thoughts and thinking too deep on such boring and mundane writing topics. Now I see it for what it’s true-reality is. And as far fetch as this might sound to others I would even say that public school purposely requires lessons and topics that subliminally create limitations in one’s mind. Writer’s block would naturally appear all throughout grade school for me. From elementary all the way to high school graduation. Especially in high school, where we as beginners learned how to write in a certain limitative way. “Oh have this here, mention that there, don’t forget to include this and that.” Now I understand some of this knowledge is useful in structuring and making our papers intriguable, but at the same time it poses great limitations to us and our natural ability to just let our words flow out. Teachers expect novice writers to learn and begin to write like pros. Who’s to say someone is a pro writer or an A+ writer just because they can follow a set of rules and regulations? The guy up in Harvard who writes ‘oh so etiquettely’ does so at a cost. Most of our intuitive and creative flow of writing is diminished once we start trying to conform to society’s learned way of writing.

From our structure, words, pronunciation, and even delivery. To truly write and express ourselves requires us to get into a mode of existence to where the words flow out as simply as water casting down a river. Effort through effortlessness becomes known. One will find that as soon as you drop any idea of proper writing conformities you will begin to feel this natural urge within to express. If you ask me I believe true writing does not come from the mind nor from a mind of knowledge that has been conditioned to be and think a certain way. This is why as I now write this blog and many others to come I do not put so much pressure on my mind, for natural and truth consequently manifest in my word-forms you now read.

P.S. If you have noticed I may have written some words here that some would say are not even words..but who’s to say what words are words and which words are not? That would be a whole ‘nother topic in itself.

Modern Day’s ‘Cancel Culture’

Hello everybody. As I sit here and share my perspective with you all I would like to discuss my view point on today’s ‘Cancel Culture’. Considering this is my first post I feel it is not only right to discuss such an important topic as such but also much needed for the people who suffer and deal with the ignorant view point of ‘cancelling’ someone right out due to what has been said or done yesterday, last week, last year, and even a decade ago.

What even is ‘Cancel Culture’? What is this fad that people on social media speak of and act on? This phrase that people cyberally throw around? “You are cancelled” “Oh wow, look everyone so and so said this a TEN years ago, they are ‘cancelled’.” To me this new age cancel culture is nothing but a resentful and unforgiving mode of existence. Now of course there are some cases where the person who is being ‘Cancelled’ is definitely in the wrong and has no justification towards their thoughts or actions. But on the other hand people on social media tend to forget humans are not perfect; at least not with the mind being used as its guide. We project this attitude of sainthood on everybody but ourselves. “Oh this person did that or said this, they are bad, they are wrong!” Most people on social media are blind to the fact that this whole cancelling someone due to their past actions or expressions is limiting and unforgiving. In this life most of us are not meant to say and do the “right” thing one hundred percent of the time, every-time. If one thinks this way than they themselves are diluted. How many times have you and I done or said something that we know we shouldn’t have expressed, only to want to take it back later but finally coming to the conclusion of what is said is said and what is done is done. For nothing in the past can be changed and to simply dwell or kindle on our past actions is very limiting and self-afflicting. We must take this moment and be the person we feel to be, we must occasionally cast our sight into the future and see within all of the unlimited potentialities we naturally hold.

As I began to express myself more and more on here and as time plays on I will change mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually (as we all do). Know that my mind and being is not fixed to your idea of what you have for me or yourself, neither is it fixed to my own ideas and beliefs I have of my self. I will allow myself to grow, forgive, and perspire. I wish the same to you, for being stuck in the same consciousness is simply painful and outright detrimental to our true being.