Consciousness and Dreams

Consciousness. Who What, where, when, and why is consciousness? These questions at this current time in space-time are some of the most confusing and subjective/objectives questions one can ask. For to ask what consciousness is one is simply asking what life is. And life is all, and all is life so there are innumerable answers to this wonderful question. 
Depending on who you ask this question to though is a huge factor. And depending on how this person views the world and themselves greatly determines what type of answers you will get. (Coming from experience the perception I have of this Supreme-Absolute is a Spirtual-Materialist perception.) We our selfs, our other-selves, and matter (Earth) are both in essence subjective AND objective forms to this ONE true-manifestation. Although sounding contradictory to the mind it is in truth complementary not contradicting to the true-self. 
Today I want to briefly speak about dreams in particular and how our consciousness interacts with them. In essence when we are “awake” our consciousness is not automatically consciousness. It may seem so to the mind but in its true essence the consciousness is mostly a inconscient consciousness or a partial-consciousness until one observes and brings their concentration to the experience of being. Depending on the individual being in the present moment which in effect draws the true-consciousness more to the front of our being can be extremely difficult or quite easy. In this Earth-Realm this is where the division of ordinary person and invisible [spiritual] person lies and depending on the path one is experiencing their actions can differ and have different effects relating to their mode of consciousness. (It is very important to note here when I say and divide ordinary people from invisible aka spiritual people I am not saying one is higher or “better” than the other. For in essence we are all equal and one in the same.)

Now, what I find interesting is how our consciousness is affected and reactive in relation to our dream-state, sleep-state, and awake state. Depending on our level of consciousness typically when one goes to lie down and fall asleep they temporarily drift off and become unconscious or inconscient. (Different words but same meaning) They go from a wake consciousness to a sleep-state and the consciousness to some may appear at this time to be blank and in effect when one comes out of this sleep state some say they don’t remember anything and that they were not dreaming at all. But for one who does remember their dreams they go from being awake and conscious to lying in bed and letting their consciousness slowly/quickly slip away which in effect causes them to become unconscious and fall “asleep.” Once asleep and unconscious they enter modes of sleep such as nonREM-sleep and REM-sleep. During REM-sleep one begins to experience the dream world and the unconsciousness soon becomes partially conscious again and begins to experience dreams. I say partially-consciousness here because it isn’t until one begins to realize that they are indeed dreaming and then can create forms and change locations with the power of their concentration/awareness. Aka lucid dreaming, this is known to many and many people experience this. In current time, especially in this new era of spirituality, this is often confused with an out of body experience. The OBE is something not to be played with for it can be dangerous if one does not have the proper grounding in their being and does not have the true-knowledge of the realm they are entering. Often people get the two mixed up and will mistake a lucid dream for an OBE. OBE’s are a fascinating subject which currently have a ton of misinformation surrounding it. Unfortunately this is done purposely and very few know the true-knowledge on what lies ahead when entering this realm. For now, I will not go further into this subject because that is a whole ‘nother topic on its own and in general one does not need to experience an OBE to be “spiritual”. In actuality having an out of body experience is not important at all when one chooses to embark on the sunlit path. But to go back to our consciousness and how it changes when we go to rest at night, if you instead go to bed and keep your attention in your body, keep your concentration focused on your body, instead of lying down and unconsciously letting your consciousness slip away and draw you to “sleep.” One will notice our body and mind slowly go unconscious while our consciousness remains alert. This is difficult and depending on the individual can takes months and months and even years to learn. Once this is learned and experienced enough times, consciousness even while the mind and body lie “asleep” remains active. When one has mastered this their consciousness is under ones direct will at all times and when one goes to lie down they can experience and come into contact with the life Divine-energy. Five minutes in this state can give revitalizing energy to the being that is equal if not greater than a full nights rest of inconscient sleep. 
In our current timeline science is slowly but surely studying and trying to understand dreams and how are consciousness interrelates with them. There is good progress being made and I do without a doubt believe they will uncover information that will help people better understand the nature of sleep and dreams. But one must remember in this current  time-line Science and Psychology are barely in its prime stages if we take a grand look at the overall evolution of earth. Once scientist and psychologist realize the mind in essence limits their theories and studies, the world and their selves will change both drastically and quickly. When the Spirtual-Materialist human becomes mainstream, the world and the individual is in for surprises.  

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