The Natural Glow Within

There is a natural glow within us that radiates and pours out to which our surface physical being shows.

The evening of my father’s death I experienced and realized this. For my whole life I never realized just how beautiful my father was until I saw his pale lifeless body lying on the hospital bed. While I was so accustomed and at the same time unaware of his body glow underneath the sun, it was now presenting its self to me as grey and dark. While all of my family around me wept and grieved I remained calm and still inside for I knew he needed at least some type of peaceful vibration to feel as his eternal consciousness departed from his body. This was not something I thought to do but rather I intuitively and sincerely felt within. I knew deep down that he was okay and if I were to feel lower states of consciousness such as sadness at this moment of his death it would make his transition more difficult to partake in.

My father was forty eight when he passed onwards. A massive and sudden heart attack was the cause. I could write about him for days but all words would be useless for his spirit-consciousness is absolute and eternal. No man.. on this planet can translate something so divine into words.

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