The Divine Masculine and The Divine Feminine

Hello everyone. Today I write to you all to explain how a misunderstanding of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within all of us is one of the many major causes to society’s suffering. Both to oneself and other-selfs.

It is not the Pure Divine Masculine and Pure Divine Feminine within and without that is causing confusion, pain, and suffering in this world. It is the individual and societal’s misconceptions, conditionings, stereotypes, ignorances, and limitations that have caused man and woman to live a life of confusion and suffering. Men, for instance, have been told it is not okay, or it is not tough, to do this or that because it is seen as weak and suspect. These idea-forms and teachings often come from one’s parents or guardians and have been instilled in them from their early child-hood. Teachings such as boys don’t cry, or it is weak for one to be or even show fragility and vulnerability to yourself yet others. This has lead many Men here in the west to form false-personalities that often consist of tough guy mentality and or unacknowledged feelings and emotions. Living life with this false perception leads one more likely to encounter unnecessary confusion and pain. It is no wonder why women throughout history have been seen as less incompetent and inferior. Women scare men and their egotistical view-points they have on their self and the reality of their world. Our history and generational cycles of our parents, and their parents parents etc. etc. have held on to many false beliefs and in effect have led men to be less connected to their true Divine Feminine side. The woman has had less idea-forms imposed on her which in effect has left them with a being that is more Pure and Whole. Although not completely in union with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, they have a being that has not been so contrived and falsely altered. On the other hand, the woman has been misguided in regards to her True-Divine Masculine and True-Divine Feminine. Many women today often struggle as well with doing and saying things that may seem to the self and other-selves as masculine. History and the generations throughout have led society to believe in false idea-forms that a woman should abide by. A woman is than often ridiculed for doing, thinking, or feeling in ways that do not succumb to ‘lady-like’ behavior; yet when men mirror these exact behaviors they are not met with the overbearing projections of the other. This half-truth, false, or misunderstood ideas (or even a complete ignorance) of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are causing people to look for answers in the outside external material reality. Humanity is rapidly evolving; materially, spiritually, and consciously. For both man and woman it is now evident people are trying to make sense of the misunderstood Divine Masculine and Feminine. This is evident in today’s gender norms and transphobic ideas. There has been a major increase in woman and man who have come to see their selves as either gay, lesbian, and/or bi-sexual. Compare the number of homosexuals there are today to how many there were one-hundred years ago. The increase is definite and sudden. Especially within the past decade there has been a rather sudden increase of people becoming transexual as well. The modern western materialist and their half-truth beliefs of the self and nature of our world have led them to look to external remedies such as opposite wardrobe appearances, plastic surgery, and or sex changes. These other-selves are misunderstood greatly in society, especially by men who embody this false idea of exaggerated masculinity. Unfortunately these misunderstood people suffer greatly from the ignorance in others and are often seen as weird and undivine. Obviously this is not the case at all, for the majority of society live a confused life and this is just their way of trying to understand their individual selves in this world of falsehood.

The faith in the one and the individual is increasing ever so greatly. This is evident for I have explained so in the end of the last paragraph above. If the human consciousness was not rising and searching for the Supreme than we would not be seeing the drastic change in people’s sexuality and gender-representations. This is only one example of how people are going against the false and partial-truths society has setup for us. The man and woman who look for external truths or remedies to make thyself whole may come to a temporary happiness. But in due time one will realize there is still something missing and to which they are in need of. It is not until they go within and discover the Divine spark that has quietly been there for eternity. This Divine spark is the one yet infinite being in everything and everyone. The Pure Supreme Divine masculine and feminine energy becomes understood and one here. The self, other-selfs, and nature can now be embraced and fulfilled. The lurking peace and equilibrium that the mind and materialist being denies is now forefront. This is knowledge.. this is Truth. <3

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