Sincerely Observing Oneself

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about who you were, who you are, and who will you be? This can be a scary and deep question to some because once you start thinking about oneself like this it can almost be certain that your mind and your emotions will be led usually down a dark alley with all the negative experiences, thoughts, and emotions one has dealt with or may come to deal with. But the plane of consciousness each individual is at also plays a part in how they react when faced with these unknown questions. If one does not sincerely observe themselves they would say I am pessimistic and should be more positive. These are the by-passers that have the partial truth and falsehood idea of ‘think positive be positive’, ‘think rich grow rich’, ‘all is one, love and light.’ This is one extreme end of the pendulum; the other extreme end would be ‘I am useless’ ‘There is nothing good about me’ ‘I am a failure’. Either way you look at yourself you will find that in both of these responses one is expressing a half truth and being insincere. “I am the greatest person alive.” “I am the stupidest person alive”. Each statement obviously comes from two different people but with different planes of consciousness and both idea-forms will have its effects and consequences. A sincerer approach to these questions would be for one to reconcile and bring their attention to both sides of the pendulum, and working to establish an equilibrium between the two opposite ends. Overall though, one must realize that no matter which approach is taken it is in its own way objective and relatively true. One must not say, “It is this!” “It is that!” For all in itself is absolutely necessary, otherwise there would be no multiplicity of individualistic expression in this infinite existence.

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