What is true fear? What is fear? Why must I add the word ‘True’ in front of the vibration we have all come to know as if I know something the others do not? The fact is that we all have our own individual idea of what is true fear and how and what it brings our state of being to and our outward living expressions of our entire divine conscious being in contact with that. With that!? Isn’t That, this though? And arnt I That…? For that is Thee..and Thee is the Divine. So I have come full circle from experience and realization to sincerely admit to my self that I am afraid of cosmic-love. The Divine is everything and everyone simply saying, Thee is the Oneness expressing itself in the diversified infinitude and That diversified infinitude expressing it’s Self from the Oneness. And if Love is what is the most highest, supernal, truest state of our infinite, eternal, limitless, and immortal satchitananda Existence then true fear is the being afraid to Live, feel, think, act and Be with that Loving Truth at every moment of our lives. Love is All, All is Love and the moment I face the True Fear of fearing to Love everything and everyone sincerely which is my own individual Divine Self-Being, Other-self divinity within them, and Nature-Self’s Divine Truth within it. There is a force of illusive yet partially-true fear intermixing with that all-encompassing Love because I am the one bringing it into conscious existence by drawing my thoughts and concentration to it. My subjective/objective reality originates from that so therefore if I am willing to Love for the sake of Love than I believe we can all have that Divine-Love at some point in our Existence here upon earth in Space-Time for this is the Divine Kingdom after all and it has been know throught legends and history that that is our consumated existince. As Sri Aurobindo has said, the Supermind, Superperson, and Supramental conscious-force within matter is the Truth we all are a part of in this evolution and involution of consciousness. We are Becoming, and we shall and will Be with That. Love.

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