“Practice What You Preach”

Practice what you preach, the saying goes. But what really is the meaning of this phrase that many of us have heard? Most would say it means to not just talk about something are talk about a mode of being, but to actually embrace it, to live it. Most would agree it is ten times easier to think and say something to another person than to just be and let your actions do the ‘speaking’ for you. The Supreme Truth is not expressed through words, Supreme Truth is unspoken, silence; peaceful.

We all know that person or persons that constantly talk about either what they are doing in their life, what type of characteristics they believe themselves to possess, and how important their values, morals, and ethics are to them. They important word to draw our attention to in the last sentence is ‘TALK’. Many of us I’m sure have gone to these types of people for advise or are just simply having a conversation with them and when we are sitting there listening to their empty words we feel this sense of bologna. lol Aka B.S. Although what they might be saying is true to an extent we cannot help but think how the person speaking to us does not even embody what they are saying. They instead believe the lies they tell themselves. This in my opinion takes time, concentration, and a little bit of intuition to recognize. Some of us can pick it up on the spot while some of us cannot. We tend to go to the wrong people for our problems, feelings, and sufferings. We continue to absorb the information given to us by somebody who does not even themselves take in and be what they speak. For example imagine going to a poor person and asking them how to get rich. Or take for example a more serious life issue like going to someone who is constantly angry with themselves and the world and asking how to find peace. Depending on the person and their consciousness who is doing the speaking they might possibly give you sound advice. But this advice is only a partial truth, for how can a confused man truly speak and relay a message of equanimity? They simply, cannot.

I believe it is very important to embody and be as you are. Do not just say what you are, SHOW what you are! This showing what we are is not out of pride nor a self given golden pedestal we put ourself on, but instead a true force of what we are from within.

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