The Answer You Search For…

The Answer You Search For…

Hello everyone, today I want to ask and bring your awareness to a rather interesting realization I thought of just now. How should one know which source to draw our consciousness to when asking questions to help understand our selfs, others, and nature. To keep it rather simple for now, there are outer sources such as the unlimited information outside of us that exists in material existence that can answer our questions. For example.. things such as nature like rocks, trees, the sky, the changing of seasons, books, advice from other people, the internet. The list goes on. And on the other end, there are inner sources such as the unlimited knowledge within us that exists in our Being that can answer our questions as well. This is an interesting topic and conversation that can be had between two individuals or more. Each individual’s answer is true in its own way, but each answer does vary to lower-truths and higher-truths. All is relative, for the self who forms the answer is doing so with the consciousness-power of free-will. Now depending on the question or questions that are being asked determines what source to receive the answer from. If it is a question of understanding our selfs, other-selfs, and our nature-self than it is more logical to receive an answer drawn from the source of our inner-self. In America however, the modern society has not yet realized on a collective level that there is a difference between intellect, which comes from the mind, and knowledge which comes from our intuitive higher-truth realized self. I do not say this in a superiority complex type of way, rather I state this in a wholistic way for which I understand that the world and self is a Becoming and we are in a time where people are more focused on figuring out material sciences and equations before the collective consciousness shifts to the meta-physical side of things. This is understandable and inevitable due to the sense-mind trying to make progress through the senses and all that exists on the superficial surface-reality of things. This is why I respect religious, non-religious, and nihilist all together. Each individual has their own truth within their self, each individual has their own free-will within their self. I have no place in trying to change anyone, for one who truly wants to ascend and understand existence in its more pure and higher-truths, than they will do so with their own dynamic force that mysteriously and serendipitously comes from within.

Our Worlds and Our Partial Truths

Hello everyone. Today I will like to share with you all a very important topic. Our truths and how are truths determine our world. Most of you here reading this know that “The world does not revolve around you.” This is a wide-known saying that many people are aware of. But if we stop for a second to ponder and question this saying we will find it to be only a partial truth that can be quite misleading..

What most people mean by saying the world does not revolve around you is that your opinion of how you perceive reality and its determinates is not the same as the guy next door, so don’t try and push your beliefs unto him. While I do agree with this at a certain level, I would more so say that I disagree. I disagree for one because most people who say this won’t even spend the time to really break down this saying and see through each word. They just hear it, learn it, and run along with its limitative message. Lets look at the key words used here; world and you. These words are very powerful and can be confusing to the mind. To truly understand the saying one must first understand the world and themselves. (That already can be scary to some as it sounds, causing them to unconsciously take what they hear and not question it ). The majority of society has their partial truths that in which they think they believe is the whole truth just because many others are in sync with it. This is a partial truth in itself because one who is aware of the ignorance knows that to follow and join the crowd is to abandon and mislead oneself. Now I am not saying I understand the world and myself one hundred percent, for that is extremely rare and probably has not yet been realized in our current timeline, but what I can say is that I know not to believe hearsay. A mindfull (not mindful) societal person is a “monkey see monkey do” type. They don’t truly question reality and even more importantly themselves. They take their preconceived, conditioned, and superficial mind and believe, “this is what must be for this is what I know.” Now I am not saying this is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ but it IS limiting. Our world is limitless! Our world is infinite! How we perceive the world and even more importantly ourselves matters more than what Society currently can see. (And to the extreme materialist, this is starting to emerge even more in what is know as quantum physics).

One can say that the world DOES indeed revolve around us. For if the world is limitless in potentialities and infinite in its determinates then we as human beings possess that very intrinsic nature in ourselves. We all are living our own truths which consequently effects our world. Some truths may be partial while others may be supreme, but the key thing to abide and live by is not to interfere with others free will. If more of us can be that (not just think that way) the world will in effect become more and more harmonious.