I write and update on this blog to not only express my thoughts and feelings, but to also engage with you all. Here you will find life experiences of not only me but also of what I observe. The topics will be random but something mostly all of us can relate to. I am open to all feed back and insist on anybody mentioning their perspective or experiences.

Latest from the Blog

Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

How do we remember and remanence the people we were close to? Well, I believe depending on the person who is doing the reminiscing it can vary. Of course each person is different and will either feel a feeling of overwhelming grief, sadness, or emptiness. But that becomes a choice once that void is healed. […]

The Answer You Search For…

Hello everyone, today I want to ask and bring your awareness to a rather interesting realization I thought of just now. How should one know which source to draw our consciousness to when asking questions to help understand our selfs, others, and nature. To keep it rather simple for now, there are outer sources such […]

Modern Day Kings and Queens

Why should one care who the modern day Kings and Queens are? I believe this is important question for the youth, young adults, and adults to understand. One should be conscious and not in the ignorance because modern day Kings and Queens are an easy yet unrecognizable way for manipulation, coercion, and confusion to enter […]

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