I write and update on this blog to not only express my thoughts and feelings, but to also engage with you all. Here you will find life experiences of not only me but also of what I observe. The topics will be random but something mostly all of us can relate to. I am open to all feed back and insist on anybody mentioning their perspective or experiences.

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How many days can one bear the heat before they reach the light? Who can manage the pain before victorizing the light? How can one be tomorrow, while living for today? Why can one see without the vast open limitless eye? What force can make one feel the ray that which all has within? Where…

7 Stars in The Vast

Seven stars in the VastO Grace I thank TheeO lord Thy being awaits TheeO lord Thy patience is ever here for youO lord my will is yoursO lord my day is yoursO lord your eternal sun is oursO lord our inner truth is TheeMay the Supreme reign Upon usVasudeva is all

Motivation & Will-Power

Motivation and will-power are two topics that contain numerous subtopics within its explanation. And from my perception I would say that both will-power and motivation can come from external stimuli and internal experiences and realizations. Motivation is not a simple black and white subject to understand. If one were to go to YouTube and search…

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