I write and update on this blog to not only express my thoughts and feelings, but to also engage with you all. Here you will find life experiences of not only me but also of what I observe. The topics will be random but something mostly all of us can relate to. I am open to all feed back and insist on anybody mentioning their perspective or experiences.

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Having thy mental-being within the unified consciousness and coming to India one could feel the aliveness, unity, and love within everything and everyone. Arriving in West-Benghal, a boy set to explore the disruptive set-times of its bussling roads of Kolkata. I found my 30 minute walk to the Howrah station to be quite simple and…

The Truth is Becoming. Come and see. Love.


What is true fear? What is fear? Why must I add the word ‘True’ in front of the vibration we have all come to know as if I know something the others do not? The fact is that we all have our own individual idea of what is true fear and how and what it…

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