I write and update on this blog to not only express my thoughts and feelings, but to also engage with you all. Here you will find life experiences of not only me but also of what I observe. The topics will be random but something mostly all of us can relate to. I am open to all feed back and insist on anybody mentioning their perspective or experiences.

Latest from the Blog

Have No Regrets

This may sound negative to most but in a higher truth sometimes the negative side of things is a better teacher than the positive. Having said that, I believe to have regrets of one’s past is to not realize the higher Truth of life. The One Manifestation of life gives us situations, catalyst, and happenings […]

Battling The Darkness Within

One who is not conscious is inconscious, or in the darkness. This is society’s false outer state of being. This is the ego. And in our current time of existence the majority of society puts a taboo on the darkness and oversimplifies life to fit into this box of strict all-positive existence. To convert this […]

Remembering Our Past Loved Ones

How do we remember and remanence the people we were close to? Well, I believe depending on the person who is doing the reminiscing it can vary. Of course each person is different and will either feel a feeling of overwhelming grief, sadness, or emptiness. But that becomes a choice once that void is healed. […]

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