The Relativity of Ethics and Morals

Hi there everyone. I wanted to take the time today to give you all a different perception on morals and ethics and give my viewpoint on what exactly is a word. The words I would like to focus on are “good” and “bad”, and “right” and “wrong”, for these are the words often associated to morals and ethics. But before we ponder on these words and modes of life we must first realize what even is a “word?” What does ‘word’ mean? How does one define Word?

Yes of course we can all go to Google right now and look it up but that still does not mean that is the objective definition. Sure it is what society will consider objective but in a higher-truth objectivity is relative to each individual and therefore it is also complementary seen as being subjective. All words of all languages are nothing but symbols. Symbols to which each individual in existence can perceive and conceive subjectively based on their unique consciousness-self which hold their particular idea-forms and beliefs. Consider going into a cave and seeing ancient symbols that are written on the walls. To us they have no meaning for our consciousness is not familiar with the message that lies “within” the symbol/word, but to others at that present time in history some people would be able to walk in and immediately know what message is trying to be conveyed. Now with that in mind, when we take the words good, bad, right, and wrong we immediately associate these words to morals and ethics. To have morals and ethics and to live with a consciousness that has attained certain subjective associations through idea-forms from the mind, brings the individuals world view to a ‘this or that’ perception. In this limited consciousness one may think others to be ‘this’ (good) or ‘that'(bad). The same applies to being ethical as well. One who makes judgements on what is ethical and/or moral about another’s behavior or actions they often do so without realizing that the are merely nothing but individual idea-forms that are created by thought from the intrinsic subjective/objective/relative mind. And this mind has been conditioned and has acquired habitual thought-forms throughout the past which in effect has led up to the current mind-state one embodies.

Now why is this important to realize? To name a few reasons and give an example of an experience I have had by not embracing a moralist and ethical mindset, one may realize the higher truth to this abnormal higher-conscious world view. Before I continue with the personal experience I would like to say that morals and ethics should not outright be disregarded for they do hold their purpose in society today, but only to an extent. It is the human species that has developed morals and ethics from their higher conscious mind that we have had since the unfoldment of the human species in this Earth-Evolution. And if we go to the past these morals and ethics were often associated with religion, obedience, and reason. Man made religions created rules and idea-forms (morals and ethics) to keep society in line with peace. They merely obeyed these man made rules and idea-forms in hopes and promises of receiving access to higher worlds. Also obedience and control was the purpose and aim of establishing subjective and relative morals and ethics. People in the past had to be very careful as to not step out of line and disobey the collective’s morals and ethics, for if one did there were major consequences that followed. Morals and ethics also helped humanity in the past think before they acted and responded immediately to their impulses and external stimuli. Thus, reason was ‘formed’ and made the individual understand potential consequences to their actions and why or why not they should respond in a certain way. Humans have known about morals and ethics for many-many years. They have played a significant role in this grand Divine Existence, and throughout time in this evolution of consciousness our human species has progressed drastically. But, as i said earlier, there comes a point where these seemingly ‘unharmful’ characteristics limits the individual from expressing their higher and true self. For there are thousands of religions and consequently that means there are thousands of idea-forms of what is good and bad, right or wrong. This is one reason as to why morals and ethics are subjective and relative depending on the individual’s consciousness. And as contradicting as it sounds, it is the individual’s stern belief in what is good and bad that makes it objective in its own unique way. If you may take the time to even consider the fact that there have been many moments in our life where we feel reluctant to act in a certain way due to the confusion of our mind’s beliefs on trying to be good and/or right. And in some moments when we are experiencing life there are times where we may feel a ‘pulling’ from above and below. This may lead one to being indecisive in the moment, for sometimes doing the “good” or “right” thing is not the best course of action in that exact happening.

To give a scenario of how morals and ethics are relative and subjective lets go to a rather ‘extreme’ example. From the outside society often looks at the soldier who goes to war and fights for our country as a hero. This hero is seen as “good” even though he may have been in the field and killed “enemies” and some innocent children, despite that he is welcomed home with cheer, praise, and accolades. While on the other hand we take another individual who robs a store and kills the owner out of fear and in reaction to the owner not giving way. Now of course from the superficial consciousness that the majority of society have they will consider this action “bad” or “wrong”. They make judgments based on their conditioned mind and their limitative beliefs. But little do they know or even stop to consider the wider scope of things and that this robbery is not of course justified but it was unfortunately the last resort this man had come to and he needed the cash to pay for food for himself and his family. And we could even imagine this scenario a step further, the man may have killed the store owner yes but at the same time he may have saved many other lives due to the him being a sex trafficker or a wicked person in general. Im not here to say the soldier is right or wrong, nor am I here to say the robber is right or wrong either. I am just pointing out what the majority of society fail to consider. These scenarios could of course be debated but it is not even about that either, this extreme comparison just goes to show how many people of society take biases and beliefs and make it the say all be all. Simple cause and effect is not understood from a higher consciousness plane, for the programming many people unconsciously partake in distorts their reality and world-view. I do not hypothetically create these relative comparisons to make it seem like I am better/superior than/to society because I do not have the limitative conditioned consciousness as they do.(In fact I do, but I concentrate on my movements and actions which allows me to observe the spontaneous life-movements that are happening all around thy being, thus allowing rejection to lower forces which in effect prohibits its manifestation.)

I’d like to tell the story now about a time I offered a ride to a “meth-head”. (I use quote on quote here because that is the inferior-label society uses for people who smoke methamphetamine) One sunny afternoon I was on my way to whole-foods and noticed this guy walking on the side of the street in the grass. To give a description of him he was average weight and height, probably around anywhere from 20-30 years old, he had a backpack on, was African-American, was fitted in a regular T-shirt and black basketball shorts, and was holding a basketball. I passed him up only to immediately stop and roll down my window to ask him if he needed a ride. (I rarely do this and when I do I act with no strings attached and do it just for the simple sake of being helpful, no means for an end rather it is an end in its self. Also I read body language and tone/attitude very well so I know intuitively if I feel it is a sketchy situation or not before I let them in.) To my surprise he was crying at the time I stopped to ask him if he needed a ride. Once he was in the car we started conversing and he was telling me about how he had just moved from a different city and met some people who he made friends with but at the same time he knew they were bad influences. He went on to tell me that he had just got out of rehab and that his family and his girlfriend did not want anything to do with him. He mentioned he was in rehab for meth and was trying to get better. As we were talking I was giving advice and would glance over and look at his eyes. I could feel the pain, confusion, and sadness within them as they gazed with glossiness ahead. I also knew he was high in that moment due to his pupils being dilated. Now if I was a moralist and judgemental towards him I would have told him to get out of my car all for the conditioned belief I held about meth and how it is bad and wrong to use that drug. As soon as he mentioned the word meth in our conversation a fear impulse would have risen and I would become afraid and would stop to let him out. But you see that is a response of someone who lives in fear, fear that is unconsciously within due to heavily conditioning by the media and programming. Even the most religious person who believes in a higher source unknowingly lives in fear rather than Trust and Faith in the Divine. We tend to forget that other people just like our self have unhealed traumas and wounds. Suffering and pain does not pick and choose, it is a part of this existence. And while some people choose to drink alcohol or play video games to cope with the darkness, others find themselves down the path of using ‘harder’ drugs. Perhaps that is also another topic on its own that I could go further into one day. But to wrap up the story we arrived at my destination which I had let him out on one end of the parking lot and went to the other end to park and enter the market. I came out within 15 minutes or so and as I was walking towards my car he approached me and said hesitantly with a vibration of shame, ” I accidentally left something in your car, I don’t want you to get in trouble.” As I was opening the passenger door I asked him “what did you leave?”; only to find his pipe laying there on the passenger seat; it must have slipped out of his shorts. I reached for it and gave it to him as he said pray for me man with the same lost-glossy eyes he had when he got in the vehicle.

I am not advocating for the abolishment of ethics and morals, for I have said briefly earlier that they in fact do have their place and has brought our species to this current moment where our societies are less barbaric. At the same time though, depending on the individual and their state and mode of being these morals and ethics can become limitative and restrictive. Despite the pre-conceived judgements made based on appearances and fragmented perceptions, when one thinks ONLY in terms of societies constructed ideas of what is good/bad or right/wrong they are not accounting for the other opposite pole. This opposite pole as I have stated is the subjective yet as objectively real as its opposite; Our unique individual perception which varies from person to person. And depending on not only the mindset of each individual, but also their emotional being, desire being, physical being and intuitive /inner being, their sincerity and understanding of their reactions and actions from their outwardly given relative morals and beliefs clash with their unexecuted inward truths. This in effect through time causes rebellious actions and reactions. As for the rebel expressing harmonious or disharmonious vibrations from their self unto others and the existence.. well, that would be a whole ‘nother article on its own.

(Words to replace good/bad and right/wrong but yet still have its subjective and objective understandings/impartations/implementations within them in accordance to each person; Constructive / Destructive and Progressive / Retrogressive )

(Post script: Written during sometime of late 2021, finished and concluded with last paragraph on 03/02/2022 [Perhaps selfishness and selflessness are other topics that can be brought up for constructive criticism but that would make this article longer than its intended length. and that runs us back around to the essence of relative subjective/objective realties of all.])

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